How Food Brings Cultures Together

Connecting with people from other countries poses many difficulties. The distance, the time-zones, and the language are just a few barriers. With new technological advances, such as video chatting and online messaging, the difficulties of across the globe connections become minimized. And while these methods are meaningful, there’s nothing that brings together two cultures more than food and cuisine.

Cooking with friends and family brings us together because we are able to share culture and heritage through food. Each country has its own special flair to food and dishes that represent their culture. Most dishes come with a background story that are great for sharing with one another. Being able to make a dish and share with the people you love is one of the most communal things.


Many of us have learned to cook through our parents. They have passed down techniques, styles and special recipes that remind us so much of our childhoods and bring us to certain memories and places. When you share this dish with another person, you’re opening yourself up, sharing what this food represents for you personally, where you were when you learned it, and open your heart with your guests. This idea of carrying on the legacy and sharing recipes that have been in our family for generations is something that is so incredibly special. Cuisine creates connections through shared palettes!


This is what makes food so special. Cuisine is the center of all cultures and meaningful gatherings. We have many of our biggest moments in life either preparing or sharing a meal. Next time you share a message or video chat with someone special, talk about a dish that is special to you! There’s nothing that brings together two cultures more than food and cuisine.


Written by Elena