Four Amazing Tips on when it is time to move in with your girlfriend

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Do you ever stay up at night wondering if now is the right time? You have been chatting with your girlfriend on Dream Singles and you want to take the next step. Is it time for you to change your lifestyle and live with your girlfriend? The question may come up in conversations between the two of you but sometimes it’s just wishful thinking. The idea of living with another person can be scary or frightening because of the mystery of what it would be like. If that is the case, don’t worry too much because here are four amazing tips on when it’s time to move in with your girlfriend.

Staying over regularly

Does it feel like you spend all of your free time with her? Whenever you get off work or have some free time at night, you start chatting with her on Dream Singles. You could be busy throughout the week but on the weekend you decide to stay over for a couple of days. If this describes you then it’s a positive sign you could move in together. Of course, being there for a couple of days during the week doesn’t guarantee a perfect move-in. There are a lot of burdens to manage such as finances, chores, and schedule. If you have been with your partner after a while and feel comfortable staying over regularly then you two should discuss the idea of moving in together. Focus on your comfort level with her being around you day and night and see how it goes.

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Common Interests make it work

If you have had talks about what you both want in living together then that’s a great sign. Do not live together just for the sole reason of being able to afford something together. Your intentions in living with someone should be the idea that you share common interests and want to grow a future together. It is very difficult to focus on growing as a couple if you are only together to afford a living situation. If the issue is financial and you both can help each other but at the same time love each other and respect each other’s interests, then moving in together can work. You want to grow with someone, not be stuck with someone. 

Privacy Matters for both

Moving in together with a partner should be a synchronized effort to be there for each other. This does not mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The more time you spend together could reverse the intentions of living together in the first place. A good goal to follow is that you both should respect each other’s privacy. Not every day will be good and sometimes your partner wants privacy. If you met her on Dream Singles, were you always messaging her about where she was? You have to build that trust together so that you can let her have some space. If you or she had a bad day, sometimes being in separate rooms for a night can help. Respecting each other’s privacy will go a long way. If you can work with your partner’s feelings and not always be in their way, it can be a good sign that it’s time to move in together.

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Communication is Natural

One of the most important traits you can have in a relationship is good communication. Communication can lead to a wholesome relationship. Talking about sharing chores, financial issues, annoying habits, or just talking bout each other’s day can make the move-in transition easier. One of the most difficult things to overcome is the financial part of moving in with someone. If things are going to be split in half or who takes care of what bill can be a huge burden. If you and your partner feel comfortable talking about financial problems or issues, then it’s a huge step on the right path. Talking about social media and Dream Singles can help you understand what to expect when living together. Are you both willing to spend more time together rather than searching on dating sites?

Past Experiences

Have you gone out for a week-long vacation with your girlfriend? How did it go? Were you both tired of each other after a couple of days? A good rule of thumb is to judge your time with your partner based on actually having to be around each other for a long time. A vacation that is more than five days is a good barometer of what living together would be like. Of course, spending 5 plus days with someone on vacation after only dating for a month or so is a lot different than taking a partner you have been with for over a year. A fair judgment could be having a relationship for over a year and going on a week-long trip. See how the trip goes. If you two can manage to enjoy your time together for a week then you can most likely move in together. Another experience that could determine your move in fate, could be that you both have survived arguments with each other. I am not saying you should move in with someone that you regularly fight with but if you have had an argument before and came out of it better then moving in could be a good option.

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You may have spent a lot of time on Dream Singles to find the one person to live together with. It is a long process, not a sprint when it comes to finding someone compatible with you. Especially if it’s someone you want to live with. Start with staying over at each other’s place for a bit before making the big move. Understand each other’s interests, chores, financial situations, and goals. Communicate as much as possible so it can make the transition smoother. Don’t be scared, but have the move in conversation if it is something you want to do.

Written by Dream Singles