Do you want to know how to Flirt like a Master on Dream Singles?

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You are browsing Dream Singles and you come across one of the most beautiful women you have ever laid eyes on. Naturally, you may get shy and just go on with your day. In your head, you think, “Oh she might not be interested in me.” Your heart is advising you that you want her. The battle happens every time you see a pretty woman. This battle of emotion can happen in real life or on Dream Singles. What do you say? How do you act? Do you just walk away and hope you see her again? Do you close out of your chat and think no one else will be talking to her? Do you want to know how to Flirt like a Master on Dream Singles? Buckle up, here we go!

The Most Difficult Step Before Anything Else

The most unappealing word in the world is rejection. We all hate to be rejected about anything we want. In a flawless world, you can date whoever you truly wanted. In the real world, rejections happen. If she does reject you, you at least know that she is probably not the one for you. The real question stands, “Are you willing to deal with her not being interested in you?” If you answered yes then you are a very courageous person. If you said no, then you will have to find the confidence before you should start flirting. You do not want to approach someone while worrying about rejection because you will try too hard to not get rejected. You can’t be your true self when you are in fear when talking with any woman on Dream Singles.

Swagger, Belief, and Respect

There are so many words to describe someone confident, but cocky shouldn’t be one of them. Flirting isn’t always a one-liner you tell someone at the bar or on Dream Singles. Flirting can be the confidence you can show someone. If you make good eye contact or have a great smile can all lead to showing confidence. Confidence is shown just by you walking up to a woman and introducing yourself. You have to have the guts to walk up to a beautiful woman and say something. What you say can range from an introduction to each other or maybe you want to ask a question. Taking the first steps and saying something is the first sign of confidence. Yes, it is not comfortable, which is why a lot of women can respect a man for coming up to them and speaking with them. That doesn’t mean you will win her heart automatically but it gives you a shot at meeting her. Once you have summoned up the bravery to say something to her, respect will go a long way. Showing respect is a fantastic way to flirt and get started with the connection.

Listen more, ask questions next

You got the difficult part down in being able to walk over and say hello. If the conversation keeps going, be sure to listen. Of course, to have her talking, you would need to ask questions. Questions can be about what she thinks of the live music or what’s her favorite drink? You can ask fun questions that help break down the wall of being just a stranger to her. If this is the first time you have met her, hearing and genuinely caring about her answers are huge for flirting. This is a combination of your confidence and respect for her. Listening is the silent attraction that will get her more excited to talk to you. If you start checking your phone and looking at other people while she is talking to you, she will most likely be turned off by it. The same thing goes for Dream Singles. If you are constantly interrupting her with your own stories and interests, she will take it as if you only care about yourself.

Asking her on a Date

Timing is key when asking her out. It is a good note to not ask her out within 30 seconds. After five-plus minutes of getting to know each other and flirting, you can think about asking her out. This is a judgment call based on if you feel the discussion is starting to tail off. If she is busy after your chat with her, ask her out before she leaves. The key to asking her out is to find out if she wants to exchange information to see you in the future. If she agrees to go out with you then ask for her number or chat with her on Dream Singles to verify.

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Don’t fear rejection. Every time you pause and don’t approach, it is because you are scared of rejection. You are scared to distract her or scared to make a fool of yourself. It will take practice to flirt. You will have to fail numerous times before you become good at it. The goal is to get comfortable at some point in your life that you can approach a woman and not worry about the outcome. Be confident, be respectful and be you. Remember, Dream Singles is about people connecting so have an open mind and be positive about the relationship.

Written by Dream Singles