Ready to Chat with Her? Here are Awesome tips on Conversation Starters

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How delightful! You have been exploring for that special someone on dating apps such as Dream Singles. Thousands of profiles you have come across but the moment is here. The moment you decide to open up a chat with your mysterious flirt. Have you ever questioned yourself, “What do I say chatting with someone unknown online?” First impressions make a lasting impression, so what do you do? Do you send the unoriginal text of, “How’s your day gorgeous?” While that may sound nice and charming, it’s only the millionth time she has read that message today. Sit back, relax, and are you ready to chat with her? Here are awesome tips on conversation starters.

Read her profile and Discover

If you had a massive head start in a track and field race, would you take it to win? Exactly. Reading a woman’s profile before you start a conversation gives you a huge benefit. What she puts on her profile is useful information about her that she treasures enough to let the world see. A good tip would be to review her profile and see if there are any common interests between the two of you. For example, if she likes a tv show and you happen to like that show as well, it is a wonderful conversation starter. Instead of saying, “Hey Sexy” try saying something like this, “I just stumbled across your profile and saw that you liked The Office. Stanley cracks me up every time.” Click send and you are ahead of the pack. “Why is it different?” you ask. You have shown that you have an interest beyond her profile picture. Not only does it help you with a conversation starter, but it can help lead to other conversations over similar topics. Take time to review the woman’s profile and it will pay off in huge ways. No more randomly texting women that have no common interests, find women that you could see yourself talking to. That in itself makes it a great reason to use Dream Singles. You can narrow down your search to a female’s hair color if you choose!

A Quick Favor in Chat

Let’s just say you want to know if a female is into you. I mean like right now. A cool opening chat could be something like this. “Hey there, Can I ask a quick question, do you think my profile is too complicated?” What this does is open up the curiosity if she has an interest in you. If she helps you out with your profile, it is a sign she has enough interest in you to check out your information. Now you have an attractive female showing interest with only one message sent! See how that works? This is a great straightforward opener that lets her understand what you are all about.

Asking about a “Bad Past” Experience

Ok, this is not about when something REALLY wrong happened to her. I am referring to asking a question like, “What was your last bad date like?” If a woman is on a dating app, it is most likely they have been on their fair share of bad dates. Since you are new to her, her answers can help you out with a potential future date with her. This opens up a conversation that you both can relate to. It can lead to topics such as favorite foods, restaurants, and ideas for the future. Of course, have fun with this opener. It is not meant to be a serious question, expecting a deep answer. This opener should be light-hearted in the hopes of connecting with your new online single lady.

Ask about the Cute Furred Animals

If your new online chitchat has pictures of her pets, it can be a great conversation starter. One way you both can hit common grounds is if you both have matching pets. If she has a small dog and you do as well, it is a great opportunity to connect. You can open up your conversation by flattering how her dog looks similar to yours. If your dog is a specific breed, you can share that in your opener. Another example you can use is telling a funny story about you and your dog. She will connect with you because of your love for similar animals.

Fun Challenges

Now this conversation starter does take some skill and imagination. The best way to start is by reading over her profile and picking out something you and her would compete at. Let’s say she is a fan of an Italian restaurant that you know of. She puts on her profile that her FAVORITE restaurant is XYZ Italian place. You can start a conversation with her by saying, “I saw you like XYZ Italian place… No one can beat ABC’s Spaghetti. The winner of the battle of the Meatballs will buy dessert after.” This is a playful way to open a conversation and break the barrier of getting to know her.

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So we have covered a lot. At the end of the day, if you are not having fun messaging women online, they will sense that and it will show. Your main focus should be to break the barrier that is keeping you from connecting with your future girlfriend. Connect is the keyword. You can only connect if you read her profile and value her interests. If you have that common interest with her then open up with that as a conversation starter. Stop messaging just because of a woman’s looks, and start searching for interests you adore. Dream Singles has an amazing advanced search feature that helps you narrow down your interests in finding a relationship. Check out Dream Singles and other reviews of dating sites to find your next girlfriend.

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