4 Ways To Support Your Stressed Out Girlfriend On Dream Singles


Online dating has been around for almost a decade, and continues to grow yearly, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to do. Just like the start of any other relationship, once you find someone you enjoy chatting, facetiming, and messaging daily with your whole world starts to change. It can be the way you carry yourself, plan your day out, and even your outlook on life. One of the most difficult things about online dating is not knowing how to handle when your significant other is going through an uneasy time in their life. For instance, these past two weeks around the entire world have been crazy, and most of the Western men on Dream Singles are experiencing their lovers being stressed out across the world for them and they don’t know what to do! Not being able to be there for someone you love in a very stressful time in their life can cause more tension in your relationship then you both truly want. You want to help but are unsure how or even if you can. In this article we will discuss 4 ways to support your stressed out girlfriend on Dream Singles, and how she will appreciate you even more.

  • Great Communication
  • Be Compassionate
  • Reflect On The Past
  • Overthinking 

Great Communication

Whether you are in a relationship online or offline, communication is the key to a successful relationship! A relationship without communication is like a cell phone without service…it isn’t going to work! The first step in having great communication during tough times is listening to your lover without judgment. When someone has a lot on their mind they are not really seeking advice, they just want their feelings to be heard! When listening to your partner vent to you about the uneasiness they are experiencing, be a good listener, and understand that we are all different in this world. We all deal with pressure differently. So, while being a good listener and letting them vent to you, try not to dictate the correct way they should be dealing with their stress. Instead of dictating what they should be doing, ask WHAT CAN YOU DO for them! Let them know you are all ears but want to know how you can help lessen the pressure they are feeling. Just by listening to them vent and offering your help will allow them to feel safe with you and trust you even more. You are already a team and have been through a lot with being in a long distance relationship. So figure out how you both can overcome this problem together, and in the end your relationship will be much stronger. Remember teamwork makes the dream work!

Be Compassionate

Dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman during this tough time I am sure has changed the times you chat, or facetime each other. Or when she does contact you it isn’t as long as you hoped for and you feel you didn’t show her how much you truly care for her during the time. The great thing about being compassionate to your significant other is that there are multiple ways other than just listening to them vent about their stress. 

One great way to show them you love and care for them is by sending them sweet messages all throughout the day. You may not know when you will get to talk to her or how long. So when she is able to contact you the first thing she will see is your sweet messages about the love you have for her and your relationship before contacting you. Send them an unexpected gift to cheer them up. Dream Singles has an amazing gift shop for their members, but currently the only thing you can send your significant other is a gift card. Even though this may seem so much smaller compared to flowers, or any other gifts. It will still show your lover that you are concerned about them and want to make sure they are okay! Sending a gift card can also take the strain off of them by knowing that they have money to afford things that are hard to get during these crazy times in Russia and Ukraine. Listening, sweet messages, and gift cards are a great way to show how much you appreciate your significant other during these uneasy times for them. Remember this uncomfortable time in your relationship won’t be forever. Be there for her and pour out your love to her. When this time is over she will remember all you did for her during these uncertain times and will appreciate your love even more!

Reflect On The Good

A great way to take the load off of your lover’s mind is reflecting on the great times you both have had throughout your relationship. You can remind her of all the great times you have both have had through a sweet message or a facetime or chat when she contacts you. Bring up the times you were going through a stressful time and she was there for you and how much you appreciate her for that. When reflecting on each other’s past together let her know how your world wouldn’t be the same without her. That you know she is going through a tough time, but you care for her and need her and that this will all be over sooner then she thinks. When discussing all of the great things in the past, plan for the future with her. Give her something to look forward to and think about when she needs to get her mind off everything going on around her. Not only will reflecting on the great memories with each other take her mind off of all the pressure she has built up, but she will be reminded of how much you care and need her. This will make her feel even more loved, and discussing future plans with you will give her something to look forward to everyday.


This one thing can ruin a great relationship no matter if it’s a long distance relationship or not. When your lover contacts you stressed out, the last thing she needs to hear are a thousand questions about why she didn’t contact you? Why did she tell you she would be online at a certain time and wasn’t? Why hasn’t she contacted you within a certain amount of time? All of these questions and any other question you over thought between the last time you talked to her is not going to help her comfort at all! It is just going to add more strain on her and it could honestly potentially end your relationship with her no matter how strong it was before all of this happened in Russian and Ukraine. Remember you do not need to add more pressure to her life right now instead you need to be her backbone! She needs to know when she is stressed out in the future she can fall back on you and you will be there to catch her and all the worry that comes along with her. You are a team and that’s what teams do. When one person is going through something the other person has to have their back and make sure they make it through with you. This makes your bond and relationship even stronger. Talking down to them or questioning their character through tough times only hurts them and the love they have for you. So instead of falsely accusing her or blaming her TRUST HER. No relationship makes it without TRUST. By having trust in your partner it gives you more room to grow as a power couple, because she will know she isn’t facing these stressful obstacles alone you are facing them together. She can’t feel that way if every time she calls or facetimes you she is being accused of something you over thought about. She is going through something that most can not even imagine going through. So just be there for her by supporting her, loving her, listening to her, expressing your love to her 24/7! Remember stress is a part of life, it’s part of our relationships. It’s how we handle our stress that creates success in our relationship.

Written by Dream Singles