Did She Change her Mind? 3 Common Turn Offs that Made her Lose Interest

No one is perfect. Even if you were perfect, would you really want to be that way? You were put on this planet as a unique individual with unique traits. Embracing who you are is the only way to find true love that will last a lifetime. In the dating world, there are going to be multiple reasons why someone changed their mind about you. It could be from your looks to the way you talk, to your background. It could be any reason why someone would change their mind. Did she change her mind? Here are 3 common turn-offs that made her lose interest.

Bad Profile Pictures

On Dream Singles, users have a chance to post profile pictures to show off their looks and personality. If you want to up your game, you should try avoiding these tips on setting a profile picture. If you are a smoker, leave the smoking done privately. Do not post pictures of you smoking, trying to be cool. The reason why this could be a turn-off is that she might not be a smoker, or she sees it as a bad trait. Or the fact that you like smoking so much, you would put it on your profile pictures. There is a study that 2 in 5 women find smoking a turn-off when they are dating online. Try to avoid mirror selfies. Taking a mirror selfie is easy to do but there are so many smudges and other elements when taking a mirror selfie that will distract from others seeing you. Speaking of distracting, how could a single woman on Dream Singles get to know what you look like if you post a picture covering your face? Avoid covering your face with large sunglasses, masks, or anything that takes away from your looks. You only have seconds to capture someone’s attention with your profile picture, so try avoiding these to keep her from being turned off and moved on.

Good Profile Pictures

It is never too late to start taking good profile pictures. As you notice, most of the women on Dream Singles have amazing profile pictures that show off their beauty. How can you return the favor? If you have pets, you could try to take good quality pics with your pets. You should be smiling and not covering your face. If you have high-quality tattoos, it is a good idea to show off those tattoos. Make sure to snap a lot of photos when you go on trips, so you can choose the best one when you are ready to update your dating profile. If you don’t have any of those pictures ready, take one in the car with a smile. Take one at a restaurant. If you want to connect with females on Dream Singles, it is important to show your life in bright light through your profile pictures.

Talking Dirty is a No Go

Dream Singles has a variety of ways to communicate with females, but talking dirty and being sexual is not the way to turn her on. Save all of the intimate talks for when the time is right. When you first meet women on Dream Singles, it comes off as a big turn-off. Not only does it come off desperate, but it’s also just lazy.

Too Many Emojis

Emojis are cute to use but not to be overused. Try to use your words rather than emojis when it comes to expressing yourself. Not to sound one-sided, but leave the emojis for women to use.

How to Use Emojis

If you want to use emojis in their most effective way, only use emojis when she uses an emoji. Do not send more than 1 emoji when you want to add some flirtation to the message. Emojis should be used for adding fun to a message. If you overuse them, then the impact of the emoji goes away. Use emojis the most effective way on Dream Singles so you don’t come on too strong.

Coming on Too Strong

If there was one thing most men fail at, is the coming on too strong. On Dream Singles, there are thousands of beautiful women online and ready to chat. It doesn’t take long to find someone that you find attractive. Since dating online can happen so fast, it is hard to try to slow down and talk with someone. Emotions, feelings, and desires can get the best of you every time if you have a problem with coming on too strong. You might ask her out on a date too soon, or over compliment her. You might reach out to her way too much. It is hard to determine when and how to say things when you are chatting online, but here are a few tips to help.

How to Relax and Chat

It is important to make a great first impression on Dream Singles. Flirting, introductory messages, and chat dates just to name a few ways to start an interaction. It is important to be positive, have good energy, and be open to knowing about her. After the first great impression, it is crucial to pace your conversations with her. Let the conversation happen naturally. Even if it means talking once a day for an hour. You have to keep busy to not come on too strong. You shouldn’t be chatting with her more than she is chatting with you. If she only chats with you once every other day, then you have to respect that when you are first talking to her. Get a feel for how often she wants to talk. If she reaches out to you consistently and wants to hear from you, then of course reply in a timely matter. Just do not reach out to her more often than she reaches out to you. You can open up with a message, but also let her open up with a message as well.


Just like what was mentioned in the beginning, no one is perfect. Mistakes will be made dating online all of the time. You are not the only man in the world that thought a female was interested in him, and then she wasn’t. The only thing you can control is your actions on dating sites. You can’t control the outcomes, but give yourself the best chance to succeed. Not only practicing these tips will help you date online, but it will help you in your daily life. Grow your attraction one day at a time, and your confidence to date online will go through the roof.

Written by Dream Singles