Virtual Dating is Here! Women can Invite Men to a Video Chat Date!

What could make Dream Singles better than what it already is? How does a new feature sound?  A new feature that puts males in the driver’s seat.  Virtual Dating!  What is Virtual Dating on Dream Singles?  In short, women are able to invite men to a video chat date.   Let’s dive into how Virtual Dating works and what makes it so unique?  

What is Virtual Dating?

For the first time on Dream Singles, Virtual Dating allows the man and the woman to communicate by seeing each other on video chat!  This gives a whole new experience for the interaction between men and women on Dream Singles.  Imagine having the chance to see her beauty and hear her voice when she is across the world.  The chance to share smiles, and laughs with someone who makes your heart beat faster.  You get to choose who you want to video chat with because she sent YOU the invitation.  That’s right.  Only women can send invites for Virtual Dating.  Men can choose to accept, decline, or reschedule Virtual Dates so they can video chat with who their heart desires.  

Accepting a Virtual Date

After a user clicks accept on a Virtual Date,  the Virtual Date schedule page should appear.  Here you can fill out a form to confirm what date, time, and package you choose for the date.  

When Do You Get Charged?

After you have picked out the package you want and clicked “Submit,” a pop-up will appear for you to confirm.  The confirmation pop-up will lay out the date, time, date length, and cost.  Once you hit confirm, you will be charged the cost of credits for that Virtual Date.  

How does Virtual Dating Work?

The goal with Virtual Dating is to have a one on one video chat experience with the woman you want to spend time with.  Both the man and the woman should have their video cameras set up and microphones for voice if possible.   If for whatever reason the man or woman is not available, a window will appear with the text “Waiting on “Name” to join…”  If you both are online and available, a start video window should appear to begin the video chat.  

Will there be Reminders for the Virtual Dates?

There will be a message displayed 24 hours prior to the chat date on the user’s homepage to remind the user when the Virtual Date is taking place.  


If you are looking for a one on one video chat experience, Virtual Dating is the feature you want to check out.  What makes it special is that the man can pick and choose who he wants to have a video chat with based on the females who have expressed interest in him.   This allows you to have an initial connection with someone that is already wanting to see you on video chat through Virtual Dating.  

Written by Dream Singles