Can’t Stop Thinking of Her? How to Know if She is the Right One for You

Thousands of single women on Dream Singles and you landed on one. It could be love at first sight. It could be something you read over on her profile. Something drew you to her and for some reason, it just feels different. Is it the attention you both give each other? Take a deep breath. Think for one second. Who just popped up in your mind just now? Whoever she is, then maybe we solved the mystery of who is “The One.” So, you can’t stop thinking of her. Let’s talk about how to know if she is the right one for you.

First Thoughts in the Morning

Let’s just say you have a busy day in front of you. Do you really want to be thinking about work and stressful things in your life all day? Probably not. You deserve some fun. You deserve to relax a bit. That’s what makes chatting on Dream Singles such an adventurous part of people’s lives. What tends to happen is, you will be randomly on the dating site, and one woman stands out amongst everyone else. You might start a little flirt or introductory email to get things moving in the right direction with her. It could take one night or a week, but eventually, she starts becoming the first thought of your morning. You wake up and check your phone in anticipation that she sent you a message to wake up to. This is another reason why Dream Singles has such an advantage over other dating apps because there are plenty of ways for her to reply to you.

Conversation Feels New

Rather than just swiping right and hoping for the best, Dream Singles values the act of having conversations. After chatting with her for a while, do the conversations still feel new? Does your heartbeat a little faster when you open up her love letter or email? This would be another sign that she could be the one for you. When you have that new feeling with the conversations, make sure and think of the long term. Don’t rush into giving all of your information about yourself at first. You will want to eventually reveal more about yourself as time goes on. Now that we have talked about who you think about in the morning and who makes your conversations feel new every time, you have someone on your mind. Don’t you???

You Imagine about Meeting Her

Similar to what it is like to think about her when you wake up. You also have thoughts of what it would be like to meet her in person. You are probably wondering what it would be like to take her to a nice dinner and enjoy a walk on a snowy night. If she pops up randomly in your head, then she may be the one that is right for you. If you met her on Dream Singles, you could plan a chat date or video call if she is long-distance. A chat date is good for when you both have busy schedules and you can agree or disagree on a set date and time.

Long Term Goals Match

Have you two chatted about what your plans are in the next 5 years? If you find yourself wanting to match your future plans with her then she could be the right one for you. Even though you see yourself with her, it is important that she supports your goals and future as well.

She Makes You Better

Depending on where you are at in your dating journey, if you have met someone that makes you want to be better then she could be the one for you. If you both challenge each other in a good way to be better then that is a huge positive in the right direction. Also, take notice of if you both are genuinely happy for each other’s success. Being happy for her will carry a long way into having a successful relationship. The last thing you want to have is a relationship where there is jealousy and bitterness over someone’s success. Let each other’s success drive you to another level of greatness.


If you have an overall positive feeling every time you talk or think about her when you are on Dream Singles then she could be the right one for you. Focus on how you feel when you think about her. Do you feel like you want to be a better person for her? Don’t fear the idea of having a future with her, only fear losing the feelings you have for her. Focus on how you feel about her, and everything will take care of itself.

Written by Dream Singles