In what ways can a Female Reply to you on Dream Singles?

If you haven’t already noticed, chatting on Dream Singles is a lot of fun. Reaching out to beautiful women and getting to know possible future girlfriends is exciting. You may have explored the chat feature, written a letter, or set up a chat date. If you are new to Dream Singles, you are missing out on easy-to-use features to get to know someone. Did your phone just buzz??? Your phone just gave you a notification that someone you have been talking to has replied to your message! Find out in what ways can a female reply to you on Dream Singles.

Chat With Her

Chatting in the chat room one on one with your future potential girlfriend is thrilling. If she accepts your chat invite, this is the quickest way to get a response from her. Use the Chat as a way to understand how she communicates. What does she like to talk about? Is she asking you questions that interest you? Of course, you both have to be online for this feature to work. If she is not online then you can email her.

Send Her Email

Emails are really Fun! This is one of the best features of Dream Singles. Not only do you get a certain amount of Introductory emails you can send per membership you join, but you can also get a certain amount of follow-up emails depending on which plan you join. You can also use credits to send and reply to emails back and forth. So what makes emails so much fun? Emails allow you to express yourself and your thoughts. There are times you can get so excited writing an email, that you easily max out the character count that you can use. (2000 characters per email). You can customize colors, words, and more with the advanced editor. Here is a really cool feature about emails. Women can send you regular emails with words and a picture or video. They can also send boomerang videos. Normally, the pictures they will send you are pictures of their life, such as if they go out for dinner or exercise. These pictures are not on their profile, these are usually pictures they have stored on their phone. Sometimes they can be pictures taken professionally as in a model shoot. If she likes you, she will send you emails with pictures just to keep you thinking about her. She can send you videos of her doing yoga, or having a drink of wine for dinner. You will get unique replies from women if the connection is there between the two of you.

Flirting back

Do you know those cool little meme-like images that are meant to be romantic and witty? The Flirt! One way a female can reply to you is by sending you a Flirt back. If anything, at least send a Flirt to someone you like. You may be too busy to chat or set chat dates, but sending a flirt takes a couple of seconds. If you want to start a connection with someone and see if they are interested, send a flirt and see if you can one back from her. You get a free flirt to send to each female that you can send once every 30 days.

What to do when you get a Reply?

Before you start jumping for joy and telling your family that you have a new girlfriend, let’s look things over. You got a reply and you are extremely excited. The goal after her reply is to have her wanting you more. Let’s imagine you were a book. Your story is 100 pages long. Would you want the woman that you like to know all about you in one email? Your story and your personality should develop over time. You don’t want to say everything in one email. You reply to her question and then say one thing about yourself. You can also send a question to her, but sometimes it is best to see how she replies to your comments. Let her build excitement by leading the conversation, but only give her just enough about yourself for her to want more. If she likes you, she will send you replies consistently. Emails build mystery on when the next message will come in.


Dream Singles does an amazing job of notifying you when you get a reply to your messages. You can get updates to your emails, your phone number, or even on the Dream Singles site. It is very easy to click one button and get access to the message you want to reply to.


Interests are the keys to your online dating life. When she replies to you, it is your chance to show your interest as well as make her interested. You should reveal yourself day by day and not all at once. The more time you build your relationship with her, the greater the moment will be when you both meet. Take your time getting to know her. Use the chat, emails, flirts, video chats, and all of the other great features Dream Singles offers. A reply could be the beginning of your future.

Written by Dream Singles