She is Beautiful! How to Locate her Profile ID on Dream Singles

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You finally found her. You have been searching Dream Singles, got a membership, got some credits and you met the woman of your dreams. Her pictures warm your heart, but her hobbies, background, and interests make you melt. You may have found the one or maybe you have found more than one female that you are attracted to. No matter what position you are in, learning how to locate her profile ID on Dream Singles is important to stay in touch with her.

Where to Locate Her Profile ID

Let’s go over the two major browsers in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. On both browsers, the profile ID for each female can be easily found. If you look on the home page, you will notice by the name of each female, there will be a number. While this is not the easiest way to keep track of her Profile ID, it is a way to understand that each female profile has a unique number attached to their profile.

When you click on her profile image and access her profile, the Profile ID is located right next to her name. It is important to have her profile ID in case you lose track of her profile or you forgot to Like her profile to favorite her. If you can copy her profile ID, it can make your search much easier to find her profile again if needed.

How to Search with a Profile ID

There are times when you are on Dream Singles where you are having so much fun chatting and getting to know women that you can lose track of profiles. Taking note of the Profile ID can give you access back to that specific profile. If you click on Search on the Profile Gallery on the left side of the site, you can search by ID to find the profile.

Find Messages Between You Two

After a while of being on Dream Singles, most likely, you might be messaging a lot of females or you may get messages from females. In the mix of all of those messages, you could lose the one profile of the female you have been thinking about. If you can’t find her profile through your messages or you didn’t save her as a favorite, how do you find her profile? This is why saving her profile ID is important for moments like this. You can search for her with her profile ID and access her profile. On her profile, there is a menu item called View Mail under the More Tab.

When you click the View Mail link, it will take you to all of the messages she sent you. It can be from replies to your messages or messages she sent you. This is a great way to go back to a profile and keep track of the messages you two have sent to each other. It helps in the case that your message inbox gets full from all of the interactions you have come across on Dream Singles.

Like Her Profile

Writing down her Profile ID and sifting through a bunch of messages is probably not ideal for you. If you want a sure way of having her profile in a location where you can go without it being lost, then LIKE her profile.

After you have Liked her profile, it will save her profile to your Favorites on the home page. This also sends a notification to her that you Liked her Profile and if she likes your profile back, it will be a match. You can start to see the value of liking profiles.


When you are on Dream Singles, you are going to be interacting with a lot of females. You are going to be chatting and having fun getting to know beautiful women. Let these tips help guide you on having a pleasant experience when dating on the Dream Singles dating app. You can save her profile ID or simply just Like her profile. Another way you can save a profile is by bookmarking the profile page to your bookmarks bar. If you think she is beautiful, use these tips so you can see her photos and send her messages.

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