How these New Exciting Features Change the Way You Can Date Online

Welcome to the world of Dream Singles. The land of beautiful women from around the world who are waiting to interact with single men daily. You don’t have to always reach out to find someone interested in you. On Dream Singles there are amazing features where women take time out of their day to show interest in you. What about if you are shy and you have trouble speaking to beautiful women? Find out how these new exciting features change the way you can date online.

Flirt like No Other

One of the quickest ways to show interest in Dream Singles is the Flirt. You will be able to send and receive Flirts. After a while, you will notice that your flirts tab will start to populate with single beautiful women that want to flirt with you. Flirts are very fun images you can send to women you admire. Women all over the Dream Singles dating site will send flirts to you to break the ice. It helps with people who may be too shy to open up a conversation online. What better way to take your chance at love than sending a simple flirt?

Like Her Pictures

At some point, while you are searching through Dream Singles, you will come across someone who just looks beautiful to you. Her main profile picture will draw your eyes but her other pictures capture your heart. One of the easiest ways to show attraction to your future girlfriend is by clicking the green Like This Photo button. This will send a notification to her that you liked her photo. What does that do? It brings the possibility of a connection to happen. She sees that you liked her photo, she may return the favor. She may check out your profile and see who you are. The goal here is to build that connection and butterflies in your stomach. Like her pictures and show her that you appreciate her beauty.

Admire Her

When you like another profile, it will store that profile under your favorites on your home page. You will become an admirer of her and how sweet it feels. She will get a notification on her home page and see your profile as an admirer to her. The admirer page gives you access to women that liked you. You can simply send her a message, view her messages, like her back, or see her profile.

Chat Dates

One of the best features of Dream Singles is that women will reach out to you. Instead of you always having to initiate every connection, there are multiple options for women to show interest to you. One way is chat dates. Yes, chat dates. What are Chat dates? You can request or accept to join a chat date with the woman you choose. Chat dates are live chats that have a set date and time with beautiful single women on Dream Singles. You can send chat dates or vice versa. Create some free time for your chat date and have fun.

Send Gifts

Surprise! You can surprise your future girlfriend by sending her gifts. Dream Singles has a very unique and simple way to send gifts to people you like. Instead of having to go online, search for gifts and have a long drawn-out process to get things delivered. On Dream Singles you can add items and have them delivered to your crush in an easy one-step check out. Gifts can range from flowers to electronics. Find out what she likes and surprise her one day.

Chat is the Game

Dream Singles offers an easy-to-use chat feature that is fun and engaging. You can send emoticons, virtual gifts, photos, ice breakers, and messages. On the chat window, you can send flirts, start a video chat, write a letter, save her as a favorite. You can have a lot of fun with all of the chat features with your next beautiful girlfriend. It all can start with a flirt or like of a photo, but chatting is the way to her heart.


The new exciting features on Dream Singles are just straight fun to use. Think of the combination of having fun and doing that with someone you find beautiful. It is an enjoyable experience to find love and a one-of-a-kind dating site.

Written by Dream Singles