The Search is Over. Early Signs You Found the One You Love

What does it mean when you have “butterflies?” You know that little feeling you have in your stomach when you are chatting on Dream Singles? You search all over the Dream Singles dating site to come across one beautiful woman. You open up a chat with her and the chemistry between you two feels instant. What makes her different than the others? Is it the common interests you two have? Is that you laugh at all of her jokes and vice versa? Love can happen at any moment. The search is over. Here are early signs that you found the one you love.

Genuinely Happy

Dream Singles loves the real-life love stories that happen on the site. You can see an example of a love story between Daria and William. Do you notice one thing when you see their pictures? The genuine smiles they both have. Feeling happy to be with someone is something you can’t put a price on. It is a mutual inner connection that explodes when the two people get together. The same can be said when you are chatting online on Dream Singles. If you catch yourself smiling when you are chatting with a beautiful woman on Dream Singles, you might have caught the love bug. There is peace between the two of you. You don’t want to walk away from your chat because it is going so well. You want to surprise her with gifts and show signs of appreciation. If this is you then you are falling for her.

Thinking about her

If you catch yourself thinking about her when you are not busy, you could be catching true feelings for her. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual when you two connect again. It’s a huge amount of anticipation built up. Missing someone just makes the communication that much more enjoyable.

The Supportive Kind

Most guys who read this next section will most likely agree. Having a supportive girlfriend or wife can be the greatest feeling in the world. It is a hard trait to understand how valuable supporting each other is. It doesn’t mean that she has to be ok with every single thing you think of. If she respects your ideas, opinions, and future, then that is true support. Do you support her future goals? Do you want to know what she wants out of life? The moment you two communicate, respect, and support each other’s goals, life, and happiness, you found one that you love.

You tell Your Friends and Family

Are you proud enough to show your girlfriend to your friends and family? If you are proud enough to tell people she is your girlfriend, then it’s a great sign she is the one you love. Everything is best in moderation. You can be proud of your girlfriend without having to shout at the top of the empire state building. The people closest to you are the most important people in your life. If your instinct is to tell them about your girlfriend, you have love in the air.

The word Perfect does not Exist

There is a major difference between helping someone get better and forcing someone to be perfect. If your girlfriend expects you to be perfect or vice versa, it will be a battle that never ends. Do you want to be better for your girlfriend? Do you work harder? Do you try to have a better mindset or physical health? Does she make you want to be a better person? You don’t have to be perfect. Being perfect is the longest mountain to climb. It never ends. You can’t expect your girlfriend to be perfect either. You don’t love her to be perfect, you love her because of who she is to you. You both can have fun with each other and be serious when the time calls for it.


Falling in love with someone is a feeling that you just know is there. It doesn’t have to be said. You have something inside of you that has you thinking about her unlike anyone else. That is why Dream Singles is such a great dating site for single men. The advanced search features give you access to thousands of single women looking for men to date. You never know who you will fall in love with. If you love beautiful international women who have amazing interests and hobbies, Dream Singles is the dating app you need to find love in.

Written by Dream Singles