How to keep an Online Dating Conversation going with Amazing Follow Up

If you are reading this, you are most likely stuck on an online dating conversation that just seems to stop at a dead end. Most guys get excited the moment they start talking to someone on a dating site such as Dream Singles. The moment is exhilarating but what happens when the conversation dies off? Do you feel the need to text more or just feel like she has lost interest in you? One of the hardest things to do is to keep the spark going day after day. That is why it is important to know how to keep an online dating conversation going with amazing follow-up.

1. Getting out of the “Boring” Phase

The mystery of dating women online can be exciting. Opening up with confidence is a huge plus in getting dates online. The problem with all of that is when talking online, the magic and butterflies can start to go away. How do you cure the boring phase? One of the best tips when dating online is pretending you already have a common connection with who you are talking to. When you have fun and start showing your personality, it will set you apart from the ordinary conversations she has on dating sites. After meeting online, take the conversation to be more meaningful and playful. It will help give your conversation more feelings outside of the “How are you today?” talks.

2. Talk about Each Other

If you get stuck when talking to someone online, genuinely ask questions that you care to know about each other. If you are very interested in the other person then getting to know that person should be natural for you. Do not fall into the trap of asking questions, just to ask questions. Have a meaning behind each question so it can open up more information about the two of you. Be honest with yourself, do you want to know this person? The internet is all about getting information fast but in the online dating world, it pays off to take your time if you are truly invested in someone. Ask about the things you have talked about before in more detail. If she said she likes to dance, you can ask, “When did you start busting moves on the dance floor?”

Your questions should be a little quirky and witty with a sense of humor. When it comes to sharing information about yourself, look to share interesting events. For example, you take your dog to the park and your dog is playing in the grass and playfully chasing people. You can say, “Took my wild vicious dog to the park and found him chasing people to fall in love with him.” You can share pictures of yourself with your pets or doing something you are passionate about. If you like to golf, take a cool picture of you swinging a driver in full golf gear on a beautiful golf course.

3. Timing is Right

Have you ever had the urge to message someone multiple times before they respond to your last message? This is a common problem amongst all male online daters. You subliminally think that if someone doesn’t reply to you fast enough, it is a sign of disinterest. Women in online dating can act differently when it comes to chatting. If they don’t respond in a timely matter then it could be a sign that she may not be interested. There is a possibility that she is busy at the moment and she will get back to you later on. Either way, do not be discouraged. One of the best traits you can have while dating online is being busy. Some of the most desired men are the ones who are not glued to their phones waiting to reply. If you can make chatting online more of a hobby when you HAVE free time to do it, you can have real power in the dating world. A good rule of thumb is if you have messaged her and she doesn’t respond quickly, let her come to you. Show that you have more things on your mind than just her. Stay strong and have other things in your life on top of chatting online.


Online dating should not be a race. Look at it as your writing lyrics to a song. You have to take people on a journey to the chorus and then finish off with the last note. Tell the story of you and let the woman be a part of it. Understand that it takes time to learn about someone and that following up should be treated the same way. Let the conversation come naturally and feel a common connection with the other person. Take these tips and use them when you meet someone for the first time. Ease both of your stories together and let the love connection happen over time. If you are interested in hearing about love stories, Dream Singles follows successful relationships for couples meeting on the dating site.

Written by Dream Singles