Want a Lasting Relationship? Five Signs You Have a Lasting Love Life

Are you tired of having relationships that fizzle out after a couple of weeks to a month? If you are always chatting with singles when you are dating online with no success then these tips can help. Dating online such as Dream Singles can be a journey for a lasting relationship, but understanding what works can help you build a future. The question still stands, “Do you want a lasting relationship?” Here are five signs that you will have a lasting love life beyond the typical dating online scene.

1. Comfort with Each Other

While the saying goes, you shouldn’t date your long-time best friend still holds, there is a comfort level that you and your partner should have. Do you feel the most yourself when you are around your partner? Are there things your partner knows about you that you keep private with others? One of the best signs of having long-lasting love would be that you can say or do things around each other without feeling weird. Everyone has certain traits and habits, so if your partner is comfortable around you, then he or she may be the one. After the “honeymoon” phase is over, see how you two respond to each other’s likes and dislikes. If you are serious about your relationship, then value the other person’s wants.

2. Battle the Tough Times

Life happens every day. You never know what the next day can bring. In a relationship, you not only have to care for yourself but for your partner as well. Your partner may be going through a depressing time in their life, or you are stressed with being busy all of the time. Tough times are going to happen. It is how you respond to each other is when you know if your relationship is long-lasting. Are you able to work out problems through tough times? The goal shouldn’t be to fix all problems but at least be there for each other. If you feel better going to your partner when times are tough, then it is a good sign that you may have something special.

3. You Become a Better Person

One of the most hidden secrets about a relationship is that it can quietly make you a better person when you are with the right person. If you find yourself being more active physically, like going to the gym or doing more exercising because of your partner, this is a sign you want to be better. You may be looking to make more money to support your relationship, which can be another sign that you want to become better. A little healthy competition is never a bad thing. It can lead to pushing each other to strive to be better and also keep each other’s independence. Ask yourself if you have tried to improve since being in the relationship and was it a positive change?

4. Sincere Apologies

One of the hardest things to do in a relationship is trying to make up after a bad fight or argument. A lot of times people would rather feel they are right than admit they are wrong. It’s ok for an argument to take some time to heal. Just saying you are “sorry” to fix problems is not the way to go. Understand why you are apologizing first. If you truly feel sorry for what the argument was about then it takes courage to say it. We all don’t want to be wrong, but in a relationship, admitting you were wrong when you realize your partner’s views were right, shows a lot of strength. A long-lasting relationship can go a far way if you both can apologize when you mean it.

5. Celebrate Good Times

Nothing is better than celebrating an accomplishment or happiness with a true partner in your life. It can be from landing a new job, a birthday, valentine’s day, a holiday, an anniversary. Sharing great moments with someone can make the experience more meaningful. If you find yourself excited to celebrate moments with your partner and he or she feels the same, it could mean the relationship can last. Finding the right person could be as simple as finding someone enthusiastic about your accomplishments and vice versa. On the contrary, being with someone who feels insecure or uninterested in your success is a sign that maybe they are not the right one for you.

Recap :

After reviewing these five tips on having a long-lasting relationship, it’s easy to see one thing. It takes both people to make a relationship work. There will be some good times but there are also some bad times. It is how you respond with your partner is that matters the most. If you truly want the relationship to last, you will need to ask yourself, “Do I care enough to make this work?” Dream Singles likes to keep up with successful love stories to show that love is possible. It can be a long search but a well worth finding.

Written by Dream Singles