How to Get the Best Support when you Need Help on Dream Singles

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While Dream Singles tries to give users the easiest possible navigation throughout the dating site, you may have questions. How do I update my profile? How do I search for users? How do I send messages? Some of these questions are some of the most frequently asked questions on Dream Singles. Don’t fear because there are ways to get your answers and provide the best possible solutions. Here is how to get the best support when you need help on Dream Singles.

Experience by Navigation

Before you start looking for help on Dream Singles, try exploring the site at your own pace. Click on profiles and start to see where everything is located. You should be able to notice how to start chatting with someone as the Let’s Chat button flashes green on profiles. Click on pictures and start sifting through some of the images on Dream Singles. Start exploring the top right navigation menus and create your profile to add your photos. If exploring the site still doesn’t help, that is ok, let’s talk about the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Singles provides an amazing support experience. If you look to the bottom left of the Dream Singles website, you will see a menu that is titled Information. In that menu, you will see pages such as Help & FAQ, Dating tips, Contact Us… Just to name a few.

Let’s focus on the Help & FAQ page. The Help & FAQs page will give a detailed rundown on how you should experience the Dream Singles site. It starts with a Getting Started list to help new users get set up.

Do you want to learn more about how to contact members and send letters? The next section in the Help & FAQs page has a list to help you contact members on Dream Singles. This section talks about specific details when you are chatting with someone. It talks about how you send flirts and send different letters. Did you know you could send Video letters to one another that are at least 15 seconds long but no longer than 2 minutes? Do you know what comes with Memberships and how it can open up different options to chat with someone on Dream Singles? The Sending Letters/Contacting Members section will be a great way to understand all of the features you can use on Dream Singles.

Billing Questions

If you are hesitant on submitting your credit card information and start buying credits or memberships, it’s completely understandable. That is why the Billing section exists on the Help & FAQ page. Let’s say you found a beautiful Russian woman on Dream Singles and you wanted to chat with her. You may try the Free 3 day trial for new users but what if your relationship grows more? What if you have a feeling that she may be the one for you? Dream Singles support wants to make sure your questions are answered for billing. Any questions to do with your credit card and purchases can be found in this section.

A ton of Questions Answered

As you go through the Help & FAQ page, you will see a lot of information on different features on Dream Singles. For example, Memberships, Credits, Chat & Live Video, Gifts, Favorites-Admireres-Match, Member Rewards Program, Serious Daters, and Premium Communication Access. As you go through all of the lists on the FAQ page, you would start to understand what you can do and how credits play a role.

Contact Dream Singles

One of the best features for support on Dream Singles is the Contact Us page. The Contact Us page is located directly under the Help & FAQ menu on the bottom left of the website.

On the Contact Us page, you can submit an inquiry with a priority level. The drop-down menu for a subject will narrow down your inquiry for the support team to help you out. You can attach files to help display the reason for your inquiry in the file attachments below the form. If the form is not enough and the Help & FAQ page didn’t work out. You can use the phone numbers at the top of the form on the Contact Page. You can call or text at three different numbers.


Let’s review the order in which will help you understand how to use the Dream Singles dating site. First, explore Dream Singles at your own pace. Click the pictures or buttons that interest you the most. Click the Let’s Chat button on the profiles you are looking at to see how it works. If you are more experienced with Dream Singles and have questions about memberships, credits, and chat features, then look at the Help & FAQ page. If that isn’t enough to help you, then contact the support team through the form on the contact us page. Lastly, if you weren’t able to solve your problem, text or call the numbers on the top of the contact page.

Written by Dream Singles