Is She Excited to See you? How to know when it’s Time to Meet

There is no perfect timetable when you know it is the right time to meet with someone you met online. If you have been on Dream Singles, you probably have been having fun chatting with women online. Getting to know more people, and enjoying their stories. The conversation feels like a bolt of lightning every time she messages you. The real question is, “When do you ask her to meet you in person?” Is she excited to see you? This is how to know when it’s time to meet.

In a Timely Manner

On Dream Singles, you will have a chance to chat with women from all around the world. Ideally, when you chat with someone who is within a reasonable distance from you, a week or two weeks is usually the amount of time till you ask someone to meet. Being from different countries usually takes a little longer. If she is long-distance from you, spend time naturally growing your connection with her. Don’t rush into anything. Let her build up with anticipation to want to see you. A good time frame to meet someone long-distance would be a little over two weeks but no more than a month. Even if you don’t meet in a month, at least flirt with the idea of meeting each other. You have to get the relationship to move forward instead of backward.

The Conversation is on Fire

There is a fine line on when you might be talking too much before you both meet and when you haven’t talked enough. You don’t want to rush the idea of meeting up but you also don’t want to wait forever. This is a pure judgment call on your behalf. How is the conversation going? Are you excited to open up the Dream Singles dating site/app and start chatting with her? If you feel good about how things are going after a couple of weeks then take your chance. Don’t let the fire extinguish before you even get a chance to meet her in person. Keep the conversations light and fun. You can ask about her family, hobbies, and interests. Do not ask her about serious moments in her life or memories that bring her stress. In return, don’t bring up serious topics about yourself. Leave the serious topics after a couple of dates. Get comfortable around her and vice versa.

She Brings Up The Idea

One of the great things about Dream Singles is that there are so many ways a female can reply to your messages. Because her creativity and her curiosity will show through things such as the love letters and messages, she may bring up the idea of meeting up, if she wants to. If she does bring up the idea of meeting up and you both are a good distance away from each other, plan on a future date. Try a month or two. Make the meeting romantic and memorable. If she travels to you or you travel to her, find ways to capture the moment of being together.

Video Call before Meeting

As beautiful as she is in her profile pictures and how she talks to you through chat, a video call will help put your fears of whether she is real or not at ease. Dream Singles offers a video call feature that will help put a voice to the face. At least do one or two video calls with her before you plan on meeting her in person. Keep the video calls fun and engaging. Do not get very personal or intimate. Treat the video calls as another way of getting to know her better. You can both flirt but save a lot of energy when you both meet in person.


Planning to meet someone from online dating is a judgment call. If she mentions to you about wanting to meet, spend a couple of weeks to a month figuring out a time and place if you are both long-distance. Make your meeting with her memorable and something to cherish for a long time. This is the time of your life, so make your online dating experience memorable on Dream Singles.

Written by Dream Singles