3 Romantic Ways You Can Show Interest to Her on Dream Singles

Are you the type that likes to go the extra mile? You like to stand out and show that you are the MAN. Not just show that you are the man in general, but when you meet someone on Dream Singles. You search all over the Dream Singles website and land on a one-of-a-kind woman that warms your heart and soul. You start to look over her profile and notice things you have in common with her. You check out her pictures and imagine what it would be like to meet her in person. At this point, you are in awe of her. What do you do next? Here are 3 romantic ways you can show interest to her on Dream Singles.

The Gift Shop

Once you are on her profile page, there are a couple of places you can look at giving her gifts. There is usually a Send her a gift banner that is in her biography.

The other location you open up the gift shop on her profile is to click the More button next to the Like button. There will be a drop-down menu item and you simply click Send a Gift.

You will then be taken to a personal gift shop specifically for her profile. There is a wide range of gifts you can give her. For example, Apple products such as the MacBook Pro, and the iPhone. Gifts can range from dresses to holiday gifts. After you click add to cart, it will take you to a screen where you can purchase with the right amount of credits for that item, plus delivery credits, so you can send her a gift in a simple process. Just a little tip, if you want to catch her eye beyond the standard message, get her a gift with a personal note. Be romantic with the note, with your personal touch. You can mention something that drew her to you. No matter the size of the gift, it will help you stand out amongst the other guys that could be messaging her.

Email and Love Letters

There is something romantic when you send Emails / Love Letters on Dream Singles. What makes it special? Do you remember back in the day when you actually had to write letters? You spent time expressing your feelings and showing her how you felt about her? Think of emails and love letters on Dream Singles as that old feeling. You never know when you will get one back. You never know when she will read it. All you know is that you are taking time out of your day to tell her what you feel at that moment. If she returns the favor, it feels like magic just occurred. She can type out what she is thinking along with adding videos or pictures to show more about herself. There is just a natural flow with writing emails back and forth on Dream Singles. It is one of the special features of Dream Singles that makes it unique over other dating sites.

Video Chat and Direct Messaging

If you are not the most patient person and you feel like you have to talk to her right now, then video chat or direct messaging is your way to go. If you two connect for a chat, you both can start opening up about one another. You can find the chat at the Let’s Chat button next to her profile images. There are also other articles on how to chat and what features you can use when you are having one on one time with the woman you admire. If you are looking to video chat, there is a video chat icon on the right side of the chat screen under her profile picture. Of course, you would need to have a camera set up on your device to be able to start up a video chat. The video chat method also helps with verifying who you are talking to. Putting a face to the voice will allow both of you to break down that barrier of being completely unknown.


3 Romantic ways to show your interest in Dream Singles, don’t even scratch the surface of all the fun ways to use the dating site. There are flirts, chat dates, favorites, admirers, photo likes, and more. Add all of that with the advanced search features so you can spend your time finding someone who matches you. Stop wasting time on other dating sites and see why Dream Singles is a unique place to find the next love of your life.

Written by Dream Singles