What does your typical day look like?

Every day I have never alike to those I have had, this is what I love my life for – it keeps on sending me big and little surprises, possibilities and I accept them with gratitude. My days have perfect balance of stability and something new. My mornings are always the same – walking with my dog, no matter of weather of season, no matter of my mood and things happening around, wet nose of my dog touches my hands every morning, waking me up and we go for a walk. Then morning shower and breakfast time and here it starts – phone calls from my clients, meetings – I am realtor, my profession requires to be flexible, to react fast and make fast decisions. But no matter how busy my day is I always find time for sport, my family, and my dear close friends. I am always happy to see them either here in my

 house for dinner or I am visiting them.

What is your favorite dessert?

Strawberry! I love everything about this berry – the colour, the form, the taste and the scent. I am always looking  forwards to the end of May, the strawberry season in Ukraine, because I love that natural strawberry, which is grown on farms, out in the open air, it cannot be compared to those sold in the supermarkets. Strawberry with champagne is a perfect combination.

What is a fun fact about you?

The fact how my dog appeared in my life. It was long time when me and my daughter were choosing the breed, the littler, discussing various pluses and minuses of owning a dog with the dogs owners, when one some day my daughter came home holding a little puppy on her arms. It was so little and miserable, our poor rescue dog. It was quite a challenge to save him but we did it and now we have the most devoted friend ever – our Nike! Our destiny sent us the best dog while we could not choose it ourselves.

What are you most grateful for?

I am a very grateful person, I guess first people whom I am grateful for are my parents, they have given me life and first lessons which were very special for me. I lost my dad very early, but I always feel his presence near, close, he is my guardian angel. My mom is still with me and she is the sweetest mom and granny in our family. I am grateful for my daughter, she came into my life like a bright sunbeam, no matter how difficult life can be, she is always my inspiration, my sunshine. I am grateful for my friends and colleagues for keeping me charged with their special attention and presence in my life.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

I guess my life is my biggest accomplishment, everything I have now is the result of my plans, dreams and longings which I try to make real. I never set any limits to my dreams, so my life spoils me with new possibilities to make them real.

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Written by Dream Singles