Feeling Jealous? Here’s How to Combat It

As humans, none of us are immune to becoming jealous. It is a normal and natural reaction when maybe we’re feeling left out or are feeling like our connections to one another are being threatened. But oftentimes, we are wondering why? Why am I feeling jealous? How can I stop feeling this way?

Know that Jealousy is Normal

It is not abnormal to be feeling jealous. Certainly, we’ve all felt a sting of jealousy here and there. We feel jealous in moments because of our sense that a connection we share with a person is threatened, and our fear that they may find someone else to replace us. Many times, there thoughts are just that- thoughts! Our minds are easily able to convince us of things that may not be true.

Take a Moment to Think

Recognize that jealous thoughts are not the same thing as a REALITY. You may think that your partner is interested in someone else, but that doesn’t mean that they really are. Thinking and reality are different. Take a moment to breathe and release any harsh feelings and thoughts weighing you down.

Understand Why You Feel Jealous

Now that we’ve gotten to a level-headed space, let’s understand why we’re getting jealous. Is it stemming from insecurities due to a previous relationship? Is it due to low self confidence? How about overthinking? Sometimes it isn’t as much as being a “jealous person”, but rather just being a little bit worried! Whatever it is, take the time to get to the root of why you are feeling jealous. Working towards addressing the cause and understanding why these feelings are present can require time to properly heal and move forward, allowing you to be the best you can be in your relationships.

Use Effective Communication

When you are feeling a sense of jealousy and you’ve gone through your thoughts to understand why, tell your partner that you felt this way. Once you approach the situation with a level head, your partner is more able to understand and recognize what can be a trigger for you. Working through these feelings together will allow the relationship to grow stronger and create a better understanding of how to combat these feelings and work through them. With clear communication, any issue can be resolved!

Written by Elena