Clear Communication Is Key To A Healthy Relationship

Clear Communication is key to a healthy relationship

With online dating, clear communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Essentially, it is the most important tool! This new way of meeting and creating connections relies solely on having the access to communicate with one another. But more important than the internet connection is the emotional connection.


Clear communication is the root of a strong, stable, and healthy relationship. When you are able to understand each other on many the many levels of emotions, you are able to dip deeper into the relationship and create a core, healthy basis.

Get To Know Your Partner More

Communication is connection. Learning what fills your partners cup, and they learning what fills yours, will allow for an equal understanding of how to properly meet each other’s needs. We as humans crave acknowledgment, and being heard and understood. It wouldn’t be fair to assume our partners know the best way to love us. When we open ourselves and share the good and the bad, our partners share a deeper understanding of how best to love.


Avoid Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are bound to happen. The root of most misunderstandings is miscommunication. The lack of clearly stating what is occurring, or how one is feeling, can cause issues that may not really be there. Having a relationship with strong communication will fill in these gaps, and make for less unnecessary hiccups.


Tell Your Partner How You Feel

You can’t expect your partner to know how you’re feeling if you don’t tell them! Clearly communicating these feelings will allow for your partner to understand what is going on. This will make for a more compassionate and healthy pathway in learning the best approach to another’s feelings and emotions.



Understanding each other’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, and social queues will be the foundation of building a strong, meaningful and long lasting relationship! Clear communication is a lifelong commitment to getting to understand your partner as they grow. This commitment will make for a healthy, understanding relationship.


Written by Dream Singles