3 Ways to Stay Connected During a Pandemic

3 Ways to Stay Connected During a Pandemic

It’s no secret that living through a pandemic has been troubling. Throw into the mix of being single, and suddenly you’re feeling shut off from the world. We’re expected to stay home, and it’s easy for those who may live with family or significant others, but for those who live alone, this can feel like a lonely time. Staying connected during a pandemic is easier than it may seem.

Online communications have a great way of making people feel connected to one another. Most of the time, this is through social media or email, but let’s not discount online dating! Online dating platforms open the floor for people to connect that may not have been possible elsewhere. With the many sites and places to meet people, you’re opened to a smaller pool of people that have joined one particular site.

With that, let’s say NO to a pandemic taking away our meaningful conversations and connections, and YES to the opportunity of meeting people virtually!


Ways to Stay Connected During a Pandemic


Email Letters

Email letters a great place to start first time communication with someone. The letters feature works similarly to traditional email. The recipient will view the letter when they’ve logged back into the Dream Singles platform. Here is an opportunity to share more surface level details about yourself, including who you are, what you’re into, and what you’re looking for!

Online Chat Messenger

Online chat messenger is the next level in online communication. This feature serves as a quicker means of communication and is great for those who have already formed an interest in one another and are looking to speak more frequently! Conversations through chat are less formal and more intimate. Connections come alive in chat!

Video Chat

Video chat is the feature that can take the place of a date during a pandemic! Scheduling a video chat is similar to scheduling a date – both parties will need to get ready and show up with their best face! Nerves will be running high, but magic is made when two people connect a face and voice to the personality they’ve met via letters and chat messenger.


While it may feel that living through a pandemic is a weird and scary time, it is! Good connections with good people are necessary in feeling a sense of normalcy. Using forms of online communication are a great way to feel less alone and more connected during uncertain times. So, who will you chat with first?

Written by Anastasia