How to Navigate Dream Singles

how to navigate dream singles

In order for you to unlock all of the potential that Dream Singles has to offer, you must first understand how to navigate Dream Singles. And guess what? We have great news to share with you. Understanding how to navigate Dream Singles is simple! We don’t make the journey to love troublesome or burdensome for you. Everything on our site is placed there to create a smooth experience for you. Allow us to explain just how easy it is to navigate Dream Singles.

Members Area

As a part of understanding how to navigate Dream Singles, remember that you have a section dedicated just for you. Think of the Members Area as your hub for checking on the connections you are building now and desire to build in the future. 

My Messages

The first section you will see in the Members Area is My Messages. Under this tab, you will be able to view messages from women who are especially interested in you. Most of these women will contact you first and when you sign up, you will see messages here waiting for you! Dream Singles women value the possibility of finding love and you will see this within the messages they send. Not only will you be able to see their messages to you, but you will also be able to view flirts. Some women are more playful and want to flirt with you first to get your attention. Despite who you decide will get your attention, you keep track of messages you’ve sent, deleted or drafts you haven’t sent yet. You can also create folders and organize your messages so you don’t run the risk of confusing Natalia with Anastasia. Don’t be that guy. 

My Connections

The second section you will notice in the Members Area is My Connections. From here, you have the opportunity to view only the women you have connections with. These include anyone you have deemed a favorite and admirers who want you to be their favorite too. If you are really trying to weed out the beautiful women to understand who you have a real connection with, this is the section to do all of your sorting. Dream Singles makes it easy to categorize your special interests as you get closer and closer to finding your ideal match.

My Account Options

The next section in the Members Area is My Account Options. In this tab, you can make sure all of your account details on Dream Singles is to your satisfaction. If you think you need to change your password or edit your profile, you can do so here. If you took a really nice photo a few days ago and you want to upload it to your profile, this is the place to do it. 

Start My Trial

The subsequent section in the Members Area deals with starting your free trial. In order for you to start your free trial, you just need to verify your identity. 


This option will immediately log you out of Dream Singles in just one click. 

Profile Gallery

The next way to understand how to navigate Dream Singles deals with the Profile Gallery. This visually-pleasing array of pictures lets you see all the women of Dream Singles. All five tabs under this section allows you to really cast your sights on beautiful women who are interested in you.


To begin with, there is a Search tab for your convenience. You can browse the Women Gallery to see who catches your eye. As you scroll down through the gallery, more and more pictures load. You will quickly see that your dating possibilities on Dream Singles are truly endless. 

Online Now

The second tab is for viewing who’s Online Now. If you want to talk to someone right away, you can have the gallery only show you women who are online. These women are available and ready to chat with you. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s ok to believe in the good that can happen to you instead of giving in to cynicism. 

New Profiles

Subsequently, the New Profiles tab will show you who is new to Dream Singles. Being new to Dream Singles, sometimes you want to see who else is in the same boat. All of the profiles in this tab are new faces who are hoping to find their lifetime match. Could that person be you?

Video Chat

The next tab under the Profile Gallery section is Video Chat. In tab, you can actually engage with women through video instead of the regular chat function

Intro Videos

The last tab in the Profile Gallery section is Intro Videos. Here, you can see pre-recorded intro videos from the women that spark your interest. 

My Services

The third way to understand how to navigate Dream Singles is through My Services. This tab will help you understand your available resources in order to greatly benefit from Dream Singles. 

Live Video Chat

We have included Live Video Chat to add another dimension to the joy of meeting someone new. This feature is like the equivalent of going on a date in-person. A blinking camera on each profile will symbolize who has a webcam for live videos. You will get to see your special lady in real time! 

Serious Dater Program

The second tab under My Services is the Serious Dater Program. When you become a Serious Dater on Dream Singles, you have made a decision to only talk to women who want more than just a little fun. You broadcast that you are committed to finding the right person and are only seeking those who want the same in return. It’s a wonderful program for those who aren’t afraid of what love can offer.

Member Rewards

The third tab under My Services is Member Rewards. Within this tab, you will be able to earn points by engaging on Dream Singles. For instance, you will receive 10 points if you complete your profile. You’ll receive an additional 10 points if you upload 2 profile pictures. 

Gift Shop

The last tab under My Services happens to be the Gift Shop. Here, you can spoil your Russian sweetheart with more gifts than she can handle! Find out what she likes and surprise her with a gift. If you can’t be there in person to make your mark, you can definitely make a statement with the right gift.


The final way to understand how to navigate Dream Singles is to load up on knowledge. Under the Information tab, you have countless nuggets of wisdom and testimonials to aid you in your search for true and authentic love. 

Success Stories

The first tab you will see in the Information section will include Success Stories. These are real testimonials from people who found each other on Dream Singles. If you take a moment to review, you will feel the excitement of the journey each couple has embarked on. Here, you can get real experiences from others to help shape what Dream Singles could potentially do for you. 

Dating Tips

In every way, Dream Singles is here to encourage success on our site. We want you to find fulfillment and share your life with someone special. So many people say to themselves, “I wish I had known this sooner.” If you take our advice in this section, you will get ahead and start reaching your relationship goals.

Help & FAQ

In this section, you will see a detailed list of frequently asked questions. These questions will help you understand how the site works as well and what to expect. We answer questions about billing, profiles and all of the programs we offer. We even talk about memberships, gifts and how to connect with other members. This is a very helpful section to get acquainted with whether you are new to Dream Singles or just need a refresher on information.

Contact Us

Please know that you can always contact Dream Singles if you have any questions or concerns. We are always here to help you and oftentimes, we help assuage frustrations that can come with not understanding how to navigate our site. If there is anything we can do to assist you, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have a dedicated team of customer service professionals who are equipped to handle your questions and concerns.

About Us

Still want to know more about Dream Singles? Would you like to know when we were founded? How did the idea of Dream Singles come about? All of these questions and more are answered in the About Us section. Take some time to get to know why we are so passionate about helping you find the one.

Anti-Scam Protection

It is a terrible thing to be enthralled in love, only to find out that your lovely lady is actually a scammer. This really violates the trust users have in international dating sites. Even further, it creates a sense of distrust and skepticism with other users. We want to assure you that at Dream Singles, we do not have tolerance for scams or dishonesty. We encourage you to contact us directly if you feel that you have been treated dishonestly by another user, as your safety and protection is a top priority.

To sum up, we sincerely hope you have a better idea of how to navigate Dream Singles. The road less traveled to love doesn’t have to be dangerous or frightening. It can be exciting and enjoyable and this is the type of experience we desire you to have on Dream Singles. Your future is in your hands and at any moment, you can decide to have your last night alone.

Written by Dream Singles