Free Bronze Membership vs 3-Day Trial Membership

Dream Singles credits or membership

Starting On Dream Singles

When you start out on Dream Singles, you may notice that you are automatically given the Bronze Membership. This free membership gives you a way to familiarize yourself with everything on the site. You may want to take your time looking through the site using this membership option. Your first interactions with Dream Singles may leave you wondering how you can better interact with the site. Understanding your membership options will help you choose the best route to take when looking for love.

Bronze Membership

Using the free Bronze Membership is a great way to start off your journey on Dream Singles. It is absolutely FREE and allows you to navigate the site, browse through profiles, send flirts, and more.

With this membership option, you don’t automatically get credits to communicate with female members. Though by verifying your email address, you will receive 10 FREE CREDITS to start with. You can always purchase credits from Dream Singles in order to communicate with other members, though, upgrading your membership unlocks other features.

3-Day Trial Membership

The 3-Day Trial Membership gives you the best of the Silver Membership with none of the cost. You have 3 days to try all of the features. Dream Singles does require you to put in your credit card information for the trial membership and after the 3 days you will automatically upgrade to the Silver Membership. If you opt out, there will be no charge to your account and you are not obligated to keep this membership, you can always change back to the Bronze Membership or upgrade to a different membership.

Here are the features you get with the 3-Day Trial Membership:

  • Open/Read Unlimited Emails
  • Send 10 Introductions/mo.
  • 10 Flirts/mo.
  • 50% Off Live Chat Features
  • 50% Off Intro Videos

Which Is Best for You? 

If you’re just starting out on Dream Singles, the free Bronze Membership is a great way to “get a lay of the land”. You can understand how the site works and decide if it’s the right fit for you. The 3-Day Trial membership is also a great way to see if you want to take steps forward on the site. If you’re interested in trying an upgraded membership, starting with this option is great. Whatever you choose, Dream Singles is here to help you in your journey to find love.

Written by Dream Singles