How to Use the Advanced Search Feature on Dream Singles

How to Use the Advanced Search Feature on Dream Singles

So how do you find the perfect person for you? Well luckily, Dream Singles has an advanced search feature that can help you find your ideal partner. You can access the Advanced Search Feature by heading to the menu side bar on the left hand side of your screen. Under the Profile Gallery Section simply select Search. When you get to the search page, you will notice there are 3 tabs. For the advanced search feature click the middle tab. 

At the end of the day we all want to find love. It’s important for you that you find the right person who has everything you want. On many of the popular dating sites, you are limited to people in your area. Dream Singles gives you the opportunity to find someone who fits all of your interests and the best part is, they are looking for someone too, and that someone just might be you. Here are some of the criteria you may want to consider using in the advanced search feature:

Age Range

Age might be an important factor in your search for love. Both the quick search and advanced search feature can add criteria to limit your age range. No matter what is right for you, you are sure to find it on Dream Singles.

English Ability

One of the challenges that often come with international dating is the language barrier. Though Dream Singles does offer translation services for your communications, you might want someone who is specifically proficient in English. As well as English, there are many languages you can add as criteria to your search.

Interests & Hobbies

People say that opposites attract, but it can also be nice to find commonalities with someone. Having something in common can make it easier to find common ground. Using interests and hobbies in the advanced search field gives you some talking points with someone you may be interested in.

You can type in interests and hobbies into the Keywords entry. In this section, you can add any criteria that isn’t listed.  


You have an idea of the life you want, which may include children and may not. The advanced search feature on Dream Singles gives you the options to search for partners with or without children.

Hair Color

Maybe your dream woman has blonde hair! On Dream Singles, you aren’t limited to our choices for you. You can also sort by this physical feature and others such as height, weight, and eye color.

Extra Options

If you don’t want to wait to start communicating. You can use these options to find your Dream Woman as well:

Online Now

Looking for someone to chat right away? Click the Online Now box to find women who are ready and available to chat RIGHT NOW.

With Live Streaming Video Only

You are also given the option to find women who have a camera and are willing to chat via live streaming video!


Using the advanced search feature is one of the best strategies in Dream Singles. Whatever qualities you are looking for can be found in the gorgeous women features on our site. As a final tip, if you want to keep your search parameters, the last tab in the Search section will gives you the option to do so! Happy searching.

Written by Dream Singles