Is Living Together The Next Step In Your Relationship?

I’m sure at this point you’ve thought about taking the next step in your relationship. For many, the “next step” consists of different ideas. For some, it may be moving in together. In more recent times, the two no longer have to coincide with one another.

Times have changed and the line is blurred between what is right and wrong to do in relationships. I mean, is it okay to have children and then tie the knot? Can I live with my significant other while engaged? We believe each relationship is different from the next and it’s up for you to decide as a couple what is right in yours. So how do you know if this is the next step in your relationship?

You Just Know

It’s as simple as that. Sometimes you really do just know that this is what’s right for you. This is the person that you see yourself with until the end of time and you don’t see the need to wait any longer to take this next step. In your own way, you’re “tying the knot.” You both know marriage is around the corner and are ready to get the head start.

Living together before marriage is something we like to call “marriage before marriage”, or properly known as cohabitation. This is a great time to ensure living together will work out before making things legally official. As my mother has always called it, you’re “playing house.”

You Practically Live Together Already

If you’re spending the night with your significant other quite often, have you stopped to think that you might already be living with each other? I mean, no, technically you’re not living with each other, but you’re halfway there! Officially becoming roommates may be a great option for you two (and it’s also a great way to lower financial costs). How great does that sound? Living with your best friend? While this does entail a large, maybe scary commitment with the signing of a shared lease, if you’re with each other almost every free minute there is, what should scare you most is the conversation of paint colors and curtain choices.

And maybe this isn’t your cup of tea. This could sound great, but as with everything, there are cons. Maybe you enjoy spending the nights together, but your home is your alone space where you get to detach from the world and also your significant other. If you’re happy with the way things are going, this is either a great time to take it to the next level or leave it where it is. You decide!

You’re Ready To See If This Is The Real Deal

You’re preeettttyy sure this is who you want to spend your life with, but how can one be so sure everything’s going to work out? Well, unfortunately, we can’t know unless we try. What better way to “test the waters” than to move in with each other before marriage? It’s a no commitment, commitment. That makes sense, right? This is where you can make sure you’re able to live with the person you love long term. Look at it like a little glimpse into the future.

When “Yours” Becomes “Ours”

Ah, remember the good ol’ days when your things were actually yours? We were taught about sharing at a young age, but something in adulthood strips that away and our things must be ours. That is until you’re in a pretty serious relationship and your boundaries are… well… no longer yours. Suddenly you’ve found yourself becoming annoyed with the little things, like when they sneeze a certain way. It’s not about the sneeze, but more the underlying annoyance you’re feeling because things are actually… going well? Guess what? They’re probably feeling the same exact way. Believe it or not, that little annoyance you feel is VERY normal and is a little sign of being in love. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true.

When you both feel so comfortable in each other’s space and homes, it almost feels like it’s yours as well. This is the place where warmth is created, and love is welcomed. If your mind is screaming “YES!” to all of this, then this might be your sign that living together is something to start thinking about.

You Bring Out The Best In Each Other

It’s always better when we’re together. If you find that you are at your best when you’re with your significant other, why not join forces and be together all the time? Eh, maybe not ALL the time, but how about creating a home to share? This is also where it’s important to establish boundaries.

After a long day, coming home to the one you love is a great feeling. Your then bad day is now bright and you’re able to forget all of your worries. Who better to be at home with than the one who makes you feel whole, warm and loved?

Or….. Maybe It’s Not The Time

Like we said, there is no right or wrong path and it’s different for each couple. You might be thinking now is the time to kick your relationship into the next gear and make that big step, or maybe you’re thinking it might be better to give it some time. With whatever decision you make, be sure that it is what feels right for you both. Moving in together is a big decision that is semi-permanent (at least for the duration of your leasing term, if that is your chosen route), so be sure to weigh all odds and in the end, follow what feels right.


Written by Dream Singles