What Is International Women’s Day?


Remember the day when women are celebrated in unity, action, reflection, and peace.

International Women’s Day is a globally celebrated official holiday, with a larger influence in Russia, Ukraine, and former USSR countries, in which women’s social, cultural, and economic achievements are celebrated.

Also known as “the 8th of March” International Women’s Day is the celebration of women and the appreciation of all of their hard work throughout the year. This holiday has grown quite large, and it is as big, if not bigger, as Valentines Day and Mothers Day. This day is where all women are cherished and praised, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and girlfriends.

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The Celebration

While Mother’s Day is huge in Western countries, it isn’t celebrated in Russia. Instead, International Women’s Day is celebrated and it’s pretty huge. Think of it as Valentines Day and Mother’s Day mashed into one. Because Russia is still a patriarchal country, women are the caretakers of the home and family. On the 8th of March, men spend the day preparing the meals, cleaning the house, doing loads of laundry and dishes, and making sure all of the children are looked after. This is the day for women to refresh, recharge and be celebrated.

Most companies close their doors and celebrate with their employees the day before or after. The celebration consists of a champagne toast at lunchtime as well as a dessert or small meal. Male coworkers gift their female coworkers with flowers as part of the celebration. School’s participate as well, where children will bring their female teacher’s flowers and the day is spent crafting cards and creating projects to bring home to their mother’s.

International Women’s Day is a traditional day to spend at home with family and celebration rather than spending the day out and about. Though, festive concerts are performed throughout the city with songs and poems of love and the appreciation of women.

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Gift Giving

As with most days of celebration, gifts of appreciation are huge on International Women’s Day. It is not important to buy expensive gifts to show your love. Gifts are usually those that are heartfelt, meaningful, and required a lot of thought, as the 8th of March serves as a day of intimacy, family, and appreciation. Among the most popular gifts to give are flowers, chocolates, candy, and cards or poems. Yellow Mimosas and roses are flowers often given. Additionally, exquisite gifts such as perfume, jewelry, and cosmetics may be given as well.

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Wherever you are, be sure to show the women in your life appreciation this 8th of March. Women are making great strides each day and growing empowerment. Let your ladies know that you stand by them in these powerful days, appreciate the hardwork they put in each day, and are rooting for all of the success in the large accomplishments made and to come!

Written by Dream Singles