Is it time for the Talk? Talk about being Exclusive to who you are dating

ask her out when it is right

When is the time right? If we all knew the answer to this question, we would probably make different choices in different situations. If you are on Dream Singles, it is not hard to be fascinated by an international woman. She may have the looks you have always dreamt about. You two may be having amazing conversations every day. Whatever the reason, you feel inside your soul that things are going really well. But are you for sure? Do you know if she will accept your idea of being boyfriend and girlfriend? So is it time for the Talk? Is it time for you to talk about being exclusive to who you are dating?

Timing is Everything

If you met her on Dream Singles, and you have been talking to her for a while, let’s evaluate the timing. The timing could mean a lot of things. Are you over a previous relationship? Is she over her last breakup? Are you both looking for a serious relationship? These are all conversations you should have with her before you think about being exclusive with her. Find out what she really wants. If you find out her wants and needs, then you can match your desires as well. Is she looking to move, or stay where she is at? These are things you need to think about. When you are exploring Dream Singles, you have to account for the fact that they could be long-distance. Can you handle a long-distance relationship? Would you be ready for her to move in with you? Attempting to be her boyfriend means much more than a short-term deal. See it as something you both want in your life. Even then, if your gut feeling tells you that you don’t want to be her boyfriend then maybe she isn’t the one for you. Spend time chatting with her and having 1 on 1 dates if it is virtual or in person. Determine if it is time after you have spent time with her and have gotten to know her.

Relax when you ask

Do not make your one attempt to ask her to be your girlfriend so serious. The moment you ask her to be exclusive should be a happy memorable moment. That is of course she says yes. To help your chances, you have to overcome your fears and nerves. It is ok to be nervous, it may come off cute, but you still need to ask the question. The conversation to ask her to be your girlfriend should be romantic and fun. It should be at a point in your relationship where you can tell her anything. If you are not relaxed with her yet, then wait. Wait till you feel yourself around her. It is better not to rush things so it feels more natural when you are comfortable with each other.

Confident and Ready

After talking to her on Dream Singles, you have spent time with her, virtually or in person, you are finally ready. You are ready to take the next step with her so she is exclusive to you. Your nerves have calmed, and you have slept on it night after night. This is where your confidence will play a key role in the success of your relationship. Understand that you asking her to be your girlfriend should not be a reason to scare her off. You need to have the confidence to take the acceptance or the rejection. Most importantly, have the conversation face to face. If you are talking to her on Dream Singles, and you have no way of asking her in person, do a video chat with her. Do not ask her in a chat message. Make the question memorable so she feels special to you. When you do ask her, be direct and clear about wanting to be her boyfriend. When you draw it out and get confusing about what you are looking for, she could take it as your unsure about what you want. It could be as simple as saying something like this, “I have enjoyed our time getting to know each other, and the special dates we have together. Would you be my girlfriend?” Tell her something special about her, and then go for the question.

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Dating on Dream Singles can be an adventure. When the timing is right for you and her, take your shot. Be ready for the outcome. If she says yes, your heart lights up. If she says no, give her time if she is worth it to you. You can move on or wait it out with her. Feel out where you are within the relationship. If things are going well and deep down you know she is the right one, asking her to be your girlfriend should be natural. Be calm, confident, and ask her to be your girlfriend when the time is right.

Written by Dream Singles