You’re Not Starting 2021 Single, Are You?

dream singles youre not starting 2021 single are you

The beauty of a new year is that it undeniably brings a chance for new beginnings. It’s the prospect of a clean slate and the opportunity for new adventures that excite. Sadly, end of the year chatter often focuses on pending resolutions for the upcoming year and whether or not resolutions were kept for the outgoing year. I propose that people commit to the simplest and most rewarding resolution: Be Happy!

If you just spent the holidays with friends, odds are that you and your friend were the only single ones at the table. The always-expected but the never-warranted question of if you’ve found someone yet gets asked. You wanted to throw a snarky comment but instead bit your lip and nodded no.

While the answer may have been the same year after year, it’s inevitable it’s still going to be asked. In 2021, we’re shooting for a different response than 2020 produced. In fact, let’s set a course where the introduction of your holiday guest will turn more heads than the host’s perfectly cooked dinner. Let’s be more than happy; let’s share happiness.

While happiness is different for everyone, we can all agree that having someone to enjoy it with enhances the delight. Have you ever been so excited to share the great news with someone, only to realize that every voicemail reached means they’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of their own daily lives? Have you found yourself wishing you had someone to share all of your excitement, goals, and dreams with over that homemade or takeout dinner each night?

Well, luckily for us, it’s 2021.

“Yeah, we all know that it’s 2021 and that I’m still single. Get to the point.”

The point is that you don’t have to be. We’re all on the same page that online dating is very much happening. I mean, an online service where there is bachelor(ette)’s bestowed upon you? No need to pinch; this isn’t a dream.

I mean to tell you, that you too, can find your long-awaited somebody to share your aspirations with over dinner. Get this- they’re happy to hear all about your day- whether it was amazing or exasperating. And if they’re not, they do an excellent job at pretending they are.

…Wait? You mean there is *actually* someone who WANTS to hear my passionate rants without wanting to rip their ear off? *pinch*


Let 2021 be the year where you’re not the only single guest at the holiday dinner. In fact, let 2021 be the year where your significant other is brought to the beach house. That’s right- summer love. Hold on to that resolution of happiness. Do everything in your power each day to contribute towards the things you deserve, whether love through an online dating service, that “I just bumped into a beautiful human on the street and I’m going to date them” love, or if you’re looking to do some inner work- the love you share with yourself.

Let us start 2021 with a clean slate and those long-awaited opportunities and adventure. Let us reflect on all that 2020 had to offer, and all that 2021 will bring.

Written by Anastasia