What to Expect On Your First Date

What To Expect on Your First Date

You’ve found the woman you want to take it to the next step with. You’ve taken the steps to build a good relationship and really believe you’ve found the one! Now it’s time for things to get serious and go on your first date, but knowing what to expect is scary!

This step will take a lot of time and effort on your part but will be worth it to bring the online connection you share to reality. First dates are both exuberantly exciting, yet nerve-wracking. Knowing what to expect on your first date can help to ease nerves and allow for preparation.

Talk About Expectations

Being on the same page as the woman you are meeting for your date is of most importance. Have a conversation to understand each other’s expectations for the date to reduce the risk of disappointment. Talk about what she is comfortable with doing or not doing, where she would like to spend time, how much time she would like to spend, etc. Using communication as an effective skill will allow you to enjoy the time spent together much more.

Important topics to discuss when planning your date:

  • Staying arrangements
  • First date activities
  • Personal space
  • Preference for intimacy

Travel Plans


Things To Do

You’ve come so far- make it worth it! Have you noted the things she’s said in the past she loves to do? Be sure to incorporate them! If not, there are classic first date staples that are sure to please.

  • Nice dinner
  • Ask her to show you her favorite local spots
  • Morning coffee
  • Romantic boat ride, if applicable

Dinner Date


Take It To The Next Step

If you’ve made it to the end of the date and you’re both overwhelmed with how well it has gone, take it to the next step! Exchange information with your lady so that way you can continue communication at your own pace when it’s time to say “see you later!”.


Ready To Go On The First Date?

We’re so glad you’re feeling prepared for this next step in your relationship! As always, the most important part of a relationship is open communication and honesty. Allow the space for both you and your partner to speak of comfort levels for this next journey!



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Written by Svetlana