How To Attract and Invite The Right Type


Do you think we have a special meditation for attracting and inviting the right type? Guess again! We just have a few helpful hints that could dramatically change your dating presence. At Dream Singles, we want you to have the best chance at finding love. Understanding how to attract and invite the right type is just another tool you can add to your dating toolbox. And when you have enough tools, you’ll be able to fix anything! Now, let’s discuss why attracting and inviting the right people into your life is so important. 

Change Your Thoughts – Law of Attraction

When you begin to realize how to attract things and people into your life, you’ll be in more control. And attracting the right things and people into your life not only requires attention to your actions; but it also requires attention to your thoughts. The Law of Attraction simply states that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into your life. Who wants to attract more negative experiences? We didn’t think so. 

Essentially, you bring about experiences in your life that you think about most of the time. To demonstrate, let’s say you’ve been having dating problems. No matter who you speak to, it just seems like the connection is off. You mentally tell yourself that you will never find the right person. Your thoughts take over and all of a sudden, you find yourself in the middle of a negative storm about your dating life. And guess what? You didn’t pack an umbrella. Do you think that talking about what you don’t have will help you receive it? Not when it comes to The Law of Attraction, the opposite actually happens.

So if you want to master how to attract and invite the right type, you have to command your thoughts. But what are some other things can you do? 

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Have Manners

Being polite and having manners seem like fleeting behaviors today. In a world where everyone wants to be seen and heard all the time, the “manners rulebook” has certainly expanded. Even something as simple as allowing the person you are interested in to finish speaking before you chime in is considered having good manners nowadays. Back then, this was just considered normal. We live in a different time and with the rise of online dating, what is considered polite has evolved. 

The first manner to have is to communicate in a timely fashion. When you receive a message, respond as quickly as you can. This will show your attentiveness and commitment to the conversation. This will also weed out the people who may waste your time. 

The second manner to have is to complete your profile and have updated photos of yourself. When you are dating online, you are taking a risk on the other person. You want to know that they are real, genuine and are looking for love just like you. So make sure you do the same thing. You can’t possibly attract the right type if you aren’t advertising who you really are. 

Lastly, be sure to chat in a respectful way. For example, don’t say “baby” or “sexy” during the first chat, as this could come off as disrespectful. Another way to say someone is sexy is to say they are attractive or good-looking. Really get to know them before you jump into those 4-letter words. And because we teach others how to treat us, the other person should follow your lead.

Have a Sense of Humor

Humor has been known to break up heated discussions, change the mood and even stop someone from crying. But did you know that having a sense of humor while dating online could help you allure the right person? The people who love to laugh usually have a more positive disposition on life. Is that who you want to attract into your life? Absolutely. So go on, make your special person laugh a little bit! Put a little humor in your dating profile and watch what it does for you. 

Be Who You Now Choose To Be

It is not beneficial to you to remain stuck in the past. You can apologize to someone you may have hurt, but don’t hold a grudge if they don’t apologize to you. At all times, you are in control of your own reactions. You may not be able to control what people do or say to you, but you always have power over how you react. Being stuck in the past will rob you of your present moments and you could really miss out on the best parts of your life. 

Figuring out how to attract and invite the right type involves letting go of a past that doesn’t serve you. When you release what has bound you for so long, you will feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders. Or maybe your back if that’s where the tension rests. At any rate, it’s important to let the past remain just that: the past.

Are You Ready?

In brief, you have the power to attract and invite the right type of person into your life. By changing your thoughts, having manners, having a sense of humor and being who you now choose to be, you can harness that positive power. Dream Singles believes in you. So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present!

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Written by Svetlana