We are Celebrating Father’s Day in a Big Way at Dream Singles!


For Mother’s Day, people go all out. Flower stores nearly sell out of flowers, jewelry stores get increased traffic and shoes stores have empty shelves. But what about Father’s Day? Don’t Dads deserve to be treated in a special way too? Maybe he won’t be interested in flowers, jewelry or shoes, but he will be touched by a unique gift. That’s why we are celebrating Father’s Day in a big way at Dream Singles! And guess what? It has nothing to do with another boring tie.

Promotions for Paying Members

While we appreciate your loyal membership to Dream Singles, this weekend promotion is pocket-friendly because we are giving you free points! For paying members (members on Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond levels), you will receive triple points this weekend. What does that mean? With every standard credit purchase, you will receive triple the points. For example, if you purchase 40 credits (our minimum credit package), you will receive 30 free points. You can gain points on your own at any time by taking various actions on Dream Singles (logging in, completing your profile, uploading pictures, etc). But for Father’s Day weekend, we want you to relax and stack!

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Promotions for Non-Paying Members


Although you may not be signed up for a membership just yet, we still want to show you some love. For Father’s Day weekend only, we are giving non-paying members free reads. Need us to explain a little further? Normally, it will cost you credits to read love letters. But not this weekend. We want you to enjoy your time without dropping a dime! 

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For all of you incredible Dads at Dream Singles, we would like for you to feel appreciated and acknowledged this Father’s Day. Take some time for yourself this weekend and do what makes you happy! Read the latest love letters in your Dream Singles inbox or spend your free points by chatting with our members. We are celebrating Father’s Day in a big way at Dream Singles and we want you to be a part of it!

Written by Dream Singles