How to Earn and Redeem Member Rewards

how to earn and redeem member rewards

Now that you’re a member of Dream Singles, take advantage of the perks that come along with it! Knowing how to earn and redeem member rewards lets you capitalize on your dating experience.

There are countless ways to earn points toward your member rewards. In fact, you get one point every day just for logging in! Collecting points doesn’t get any easier than that. But there are other ways to earn points.


The first way to get easy points is through interaction. An easy task like sending five photo likes will earn you two points just for having fun on Dream Singles. Furthermore, simple interactions like playing top picture games and sending at least five flirts will give you five points each. In a matter of minutes, you could collect over ten points without exerting much effort.

Process Completion

The second way to collect points is to simply complete processes. When you verify your email upon signing up, you earn a whopping ten points. While other dating sites just expect you to verify, Dream Singles rewards you. Not to mention that when you upload two profile pictures and complete your profile, you receive another ten points for each task.

Membership Upgrades

The third way to earn points is to upgrade your membership. Upon signing up, you are automatically placed in the free Bronze membership level. So what happens when you upgrade from Bronze to Gold? You earn 17 points toward your member rewards! That’s more than all of the points you could receive with those interactions we previously mentioned. Can it get any better than this? Of course.

When you upgrade your membership from Bronze to Platinum, you get 24 points. That’s an additional seven points for getting a better membership package. But how many points can you receive for upgrading to the best membership level? Upon entering the Diamond membership level, you earn 35 points. That’s an 18-point increase from the Gold level. If you are going to upgrade, why not get the best package available? Now, we stumble upon an important question: what can you get with all of your points?


We at Dream Singles believe in reciprocity and because you signed up with us, we want to reward you. How do you receive your rewards? What gifts await you when your points start to add up? Upon reaching 50 points, you can redeem for one of the following perks: read free messages, free ten flirts or one personal video.

As you earn more points, your rewards get better. Upon reaching 300 points, you can redeem for one of the following benefits: one private album, three personal videos or a fifteen minute chat.

To conclude, we want only the most enjoyable encounters for you at Dream Singles. In order for you to reap all the benefits of membership, you have to know how to participate. Don’t forget how to earn and redeem member rewards so you can get the most out of your Dream Singles experience!

Written by Svetlana