Tips For Dating Russian Women

Russian women are beautiful, classy, intelligent and loving.  It’s no wonder so many men seek to find a single Russian woman to shower their attention on.  If you’re thinking of dating single Russian women, you may be wondering the best things you can do to ensure that the women you talk to appreciate and like you.  Here are some great tips for dating single Russian women.

Pick Up The Tab

Many men date their Russian ladies online.  However, if you’re dating her in person – you should know the importance of picking up the tab.  Although many people suggest that Russian women are interested in men who have money only, the truth is that they are interested in men who are able to take care of a family.  This is responsible thinking since Russian women are very devoted to family and children. They want to know that you can cover the things they need – so picking up the tab is a great way to establish yourself as a good provider.


Treat Her Like A Lady

Russian women are known for being very respectful of their men.  It is typically the natural belief that men should be the head of the household.  Russian women are also very feminine – they embrace the fact that they are women and they enjoy it.  When you’re dating a Russian woman, remain honest and respectful of her. When you treat her like a lady, she will appreciate it and you will receive the utmost respect from her.  Slide her chair out for her to sit down, open doors and do those other romantic things that most women are looking for.

Although they are more than capable of doing these things for themselves, if you do them, it will show your Russian lady that you respect her.  Women of all kinds also like to feel very feminine and by doing this, you will be treating her like a lady!


Be Honest 

While Russian women will always remain polite and most of the time respectful of you, it’s important to be honest.  Russian women are very intelligent and good at picking out character traits that seem dishonest. Often times it’s easier to let someone think you are something you’re not – especially if you’re dating online. However, if you remain honest with your Russian woman, you will be appreciated much more than if you’re not. Avoid the urge to add a few zeros to your yearly income or subtract a few pounds from your weight. Besides, if she’s the right woman, she will like you for who you are!


Dating Russian women allows you all the benefits of a beautiful, attractive woman who remains old-fashioned in the sense that men deserve respect and women deserve to be cherished.  This is part of the lure of Russian women – they do not shun their femininity the way many other women do. In fact, they embrace it and so should you. If you are going to date Russian women, use the tips above to help you know what they like and what they don’t.

Good luck!

Written by Dream Singles