The Rise Of Brunch: New Age Dating

Ah, just another Sunday morning of scrolling through your many social media feeds. Dogs, more dogs, brunch, dogs at brunch, happy couples, wild nights out. Wait- what’s with the influx of “brunch” posts? What even is brunch?

We’ve all seen the rise of brunch in the last few years. I mean, is just breakfast no longer a thing? Did lunch lose its importance? Why are we combining the two?

Good News: breakfast and lunch separates are still very much a thing! Brunch is just the finemeddling of the two.

With the weekend being our downtime to disconnect from the past five days of work, the world (or weekend, I should say) is in the palm of your hands. You can use these two days to live however you please. Some may like to decompose through the means of a dark liquid in a small cup with ice, while others may get all of their chores done and prepare themselves for next weeks battle. And maybe this is the weekend of the date you set with the person you met online the other week.

But after a long and trying week at work, the last thing you want is a late night out. Of course, dinner is the go-to date night, but the thought of first leaving the house at 7pm, having a drink to calm your nerves, get home at the time you’re normally snoring on the couch, and then wake up tomorrow feeling groggy? That’s a no from me.

Wait, what’s that? Do you hear that little voice? *cue the dark whispers*

“bruuuunnncchhhhhhhh” … “BRUNCHHHHHHHH”

Oh. My. God.

A brunch date.

Brunch Date!


Brunch is NOT just for college girls wanting to get cute photos for their Instagram feed. No, no it’s not. Brunch is the place where you can get eggs at 1pm because you want to, without any judgment, while your company is having buffalo wings. BRUNCH is the new wave of dates.

Get this- you can go mid-afternoon, giving you time to wake up and get ready in the morning, you can enjoy a drink (preferably a mimosa or bloody mary- sorry, but a hard dark drink before 5pm is probably going to freak your date out) AND get home all before 3pm. I mean, IS THIS HEAVEN ON EARTH?

Eh, not quite but it’s pretty close.

Written by Dream Singles