Success Rate of International Dating Couples

Many couples meet online as a very popular way to start relationships. Different dating markets create unique opportunities for couples who search for a partner internationally.

Because there are more women than men in Ukraine and Russia, women are at a disadvantage. It’s more difficult for a woman to find a match with an eligible man. By the age of 30, most people are already in a serious relationship, and among the ones who are single, the competition makes it difficult.

With the imbalance, men become picky and have high, almost unrealistic expectations. Men begin to feel arrogant because of how many women there are and how few men.  The expectations for women to be beautiful, educated, slim, and without a romantic past make it even more difficult for women to feel accepted and loved in their own country.

Similar to in Ukraine and Russia, being 30 is a difficult time to find a partner in Western countries as well. When western men and international women find potential partners from another country, they feel it might be too good to be true!

Did you know that 60% of long distance relationships are successful? That means, you may have a better chance at love with someone international instead of someone local.

How Successful Couples Meet and Connect

International dating isn’t easy due to the the distance which involves visas and travel. Connection and meeting is easy, but when it’s time to take it to the next step, it’s a hefty process.

There are legal steps in the process, including a personal meeting, notarized documentation, and evidence of the romantic relationship presented. Be patient as this process can take time!

Even in 2021, people fly internationally to meet and begin their journey. It’s a great option and our successful couples on Dream Singles have succeeded. You can too!

Written by Anastasia