How to Send Gifts

how to send gifts

When you receive a gift from someone, you can’t help but to feel loved and appreciated. So how do you send that same feeling overseas to your Russian beauty? Understanding how to send gifts can help build upon your connection.

It can also help your Russian beauty feel like you are there despite the distance. Sending a gift is analogous to sending your love in a physical form. Be sure to choose wisely!

How to Buy Gifts

The first thing you need to know about sending gifts is how to purchase them. All gifts can be purchased with your available credits. You can buy credit packages to always keep your available balance filled for optimal exploration of our site.

Types of Gifts

At Dream Singles, there is a vast array of gifts you can select to send your Russian sweetheart. Every woman is different and while diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she may prefer chocolate or perfume. With our wide selection, choosing the perfect gift is a piece of cake!


The first gift category is flowers, of course. This classic gift is sure to impress and adds a sense of sophistication with your name attached. If you have yet to make a statement of your seriousness about her, roses could be a great way to show it. With six different arrangements to choose from, it’s hard to make the wrong decision. And please make sure the bouquet has an odd number of roses. Click here for an explanation as to why this is important.


The second gift category involves the senses, particularly taste. If your darling has shared with you that she enjoys sweets and drinks, this may be the perfect gift to demonstrate how well you’ve been listening. If she is a wine connoisseur, the Wine Gift Basket would be the perfect compliment to her personality. On the other hand, if she adores chocolate, the Gourmet Chocolate Basket may be more fitting. When she wakes up in the morning and cannot function without coffee, a nice Coffee and Tea Basket from you will make her feel like you are really getting to know her. And whatever you do, make sure that each gift you send has thoughtful meaning behind it. 


The third gift category deals with jewelry. As we all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but even gold is sure to make her excited. If she is more of a bracelet girl from what you have seen in pictures or on video chats, a Pandora Bracelet with Charms may be a nice touch. And the best part is that every time she looks at it, she will think of you! Choose a nice set of Pandora Silver Earrings or Swarovski Earrings to compliment her delicate facial features. You can even ask her to send you a picture of her wearing them. 

Other gifts you can send include perfume, gift certificates, electronics, toys for kids, bags, shoes, glasses, bathroom accessories and many more miscellaneous surprises that will put a bright smile on her face. Sending gifts is not difficult and will enhance your relationship if used appropriately.

7 Easy Steps to Sending Gifts

  1. Choose a profile of a special lady.
  2. Click on “Send Gift” under the “More” tab.
  3. Select the gift you wish to send.
  4. When the gift is added to your cart, click Checkout.
  5. Select the postcard type or customize your own title.
  6. Write a message, if you desire.
  7. Submit your gift order by using your available credits. 


It may take up to 10 days for your gift to be delivered, but with patience there is great reward! Once your gift is delivered, a confirmation photo will be emailed to you.

All in all, we hope you understand how to send gifts to your Russian sweetheart on Dream Singles! It can do wonders for enhancing the connection between the two of you and help you feel more present with your special lady. Take advantage of the perks and services offered on Dream Singles, as our ultimate goal is to help you find love!

Written by Victoria