What does your typical day look like?

Now my usual day looks like: I get up in the morning, prepare breakfast for me and my son and then drop him to the urban so he can work (he just recently started to work at the grossest shop). After this I am going to my office, spending all day having different meetings and calls. In the end of working day I prefer either gym or mall. But sometimes when I am so tired, I just go home right away, or I pick up Nikita from work and go home together already. When I come home earlier, I like to cook tasty dinner. When the weather is really good, we just go for a walk, buy ice cream and talk about life, plans, the situation in the world (I really like such moments). Sometimes we argue because we look at some issues differently, but always respect each other’s opinions.

What is your favorite dessert?

Being honest, I am not so selective about sweets because I am completely a sweet tooth. Most of all, I like ice cream, especially in summer. Chocolate cakes, chocolates, sweets – that are all I like so much. But if to talk about some restaurant desserts, I prefer – Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Napoleon or Pancakes with condensed milk and fruits.

What is a fun fact about you?

Unusual??? My whole life is unusual. But I don’t want to talk about everything, what if I scare you with my scary life???? The main unusual facts about me: I traveled with my son across Ukraine, lived and worked in different cities, and during it raised my son myself. My son and me went through thick and thin. Probably exactly because of  this we are so close. I jumped with a parachute, fall in love with water and water activities (my favourite is windsurfing) and one more thing…I am not sure it is more unusual or strange, but I like everything which is connected with wings. If you are interested why, I will tell you a little later.

What are you most grateful for?

What am I most grateful for??? For my son, for life, for being healthy, young, for everything that was in my life – this gave me experience, wisdom, the opportunity to reconsider life values. I am grateful for every day of my life, for the joyful, for the happy, for the sad, for waking up every morning, for who I am, for what I have achieved in life! FOR ALL!

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My greatest achievement is connected with a very personal things and time of a difficult crisis in my life. If we talk about the professional, then of course, this is Career, my project, and my career growth to a commercial director. If we talk about family – then of course this is my son!! I am very proud of him, proud of the fact that we can talk on any topic, that there is trust between us, that he is my friend. Achievements are not a narrow concept that can be in one area of life, but cities are more voluminous. One more achievement for me – I passed my license at the age of 19, had an accident and could no drive care for some time. I was afraid of fear and stress. But I still overcame this fear and started driving – and I consider this an achievement!    dream-singles

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