3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Send Money to Daters Who Ask


At Dream Singles, we aim to provide a safe virtual dating environment that fosters connection. We want to take a moment to warn you about the dangers of sending money to daters online. In no way should you get messages about money requests on Dream Singles. In fact, there are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t send money to daters who ask. 

They Only Care About Your Finances


To begin with, some people are stingy with their money even when it comes to family. So why would you willingly give your money to someone you just met five minutes ago? Some of us, in a sheer act of kindness, send money to total strangers because they are in dire need. You want to show them that you care and sending money could be your way of caring from a distance. But let’s think about it. If the person who is asking you for money really cared about you, they would really try to get to know you. They wouldn’t just ask you for money. This is the first reason why you shouldn’t send money to daters who ask. They don’t really care about you, they only care about your finances. 

You’re in Control

Secondly, don’t forget that you hold the power to your own wallet. Of your own volition, you may send gifts to members that you are building a relationship with. Sending gifts through the Dream Singles gift shop is safe and trouble-free. However, if an online dater asks you for money, do not feel obligated to hand it over. In fact, you should never give your money away to someone you don’t know. If someone is bothering you about money requests, you need to contact Dream Singles immediately. You shouldn’t feel pressured to send a gift and any requests for money is a definite red flag. 

What Should I Do If a Member Asks for Money?

We aim to shut down scammers before they can communicate with our members. So if a Dream Singles member requests money from you, notify us immediately. Behavior like this is not tolerated on the site. How can you contact Dream Singles? You will need to fill out a simple form in order to reach our customer service. Be sure to give Dream Singles the Profile ID of the person who asked you for money. Doing so will allow us to expedite the removal of the profile from the website. Your safety is our top priority! 

Dream Singles Anti-Scam Protection Policy

Dream Singles actually prohibits any requests for money. If you find yourself in a situation where a member is asking you for money, reach out to us. Dream Singles considers requesting money or expensive gifts through chats or emails a form of scamming behavior. 

All in all, online dating is about getting to know someone and building a relationship with someone. It is not about sending your hard earned money to a stranger you just met. Remind yourself often of these 3 reasons why you shouldn’t send money to daters who ask. Remember to always protect yourself and trust your gut instincts. In most cases, your intuition is spot on.  


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