What does your typical day look like?

“My days looks like the day of the typical single woman. It starts with forcing myself to get out from bed and ends with forcing myself to go to bed. I am a true night owl. Between that I work. I am not a careerist but I like to develop myself and do something useful in this life. I spend much time with my daughter Anna. She says we are best friends, so I try not to miss her mood, if something is happening in her life. By the way, it was her idea to register me on the site. We do yoga together, and all the hope routine. I do hope my man will not be lazy in work about the house. When I need some inspiration or wind -out I paint..”

What is your favorite dessert?

” I really like strudel! Learnt a lot to bake it myself. Will not be afraid to confess but I was about to burn the kitchen learning how to do that. My grandmother always baked when she knew I would come to her place. Even if I keep to the diet I will never refuse front it. Perfect way to bribe me)”

What is a fun fact about you?

” I know 300 yoga positions but no promise that can show them all. Several years ago I managed to catch the thief who tries to steal my wallet and kicked him)))”

What are you most grateful for?

“For all I have actually. I think I am a very happy woman. I have a wonderful life, daughter, healthy, have a good job, place to live, wonderful parents. Most of grateful for parents who showed the huge example of love loyalty in relationship for many years…thats in my DNA.”

What is your biggest accomplishment?

“My biggest accomplishment is 15 years old right now, and looks like me.I had to bring her up on my own. When I remember all those sleepless nights, working like crazy to provide her and literally not sleeping the first three years … being completely
alone!! I think that I can survive and bear ANYTHING in this life))))”

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Written by Dream Singles