My typical day: is something between hurricane and the best holiday))) I do not like to sit on one place – I start my morning with a cup of tasty coffee and smile) Then go running or to the gym) And then start my favorite job! Making girls pretty – give a lot of positive energy!!!! I try to always find a minute to have lunch with my friends, know all the last news))) talk with my daughter on the phone!!) it is always the MUST. And in the evenings I come home, cook some light dinner and enjoy bubble bath)))) Relaxing and reading)). sometimes I can spend the whole days in bed, eating something harmful and watch some movies, but it is when too much is happening in life around and when I need a small break from the world.”

My favorite dessert is: strawberry in chocolate)) I like it being sweet and fresh at the same time:) I am a terrible sweet tooth and always hard to fall asleep when I have some extra ice cream in my fridge))

A fun fact about me: does it count that I can eat 10 lemons without even grimace)))? Also all the people think that I am a sister for my daughter and when I say I am her mom , they always laugh thinking that I am kidding.

I am most grateful: have a blessing to be a mother. My daughter is my blessing and my stimulus)) I have to be always the best to be an example)

My biggest accomplishment is: my profession! I took me quite a time and effort to have my own beauty salon. And I am proud of it!)I do it not because I need a career, or much money. I do it because I love to see women who leave my saloon happy, and beautiful.

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