Gifts For That Special Someone

Occasion or not, it’s nice to show your special someone just how much you appreciate her. While she may already know from the affection and attention you give, giving gifts for that special someone shows you’ve been paying attention to the things she likes and that you’ll go the extra mile to show her. We know that coming up with gifts to give the woman you love can be difficult, whether you’ve been together for a while or not, so we’ve created a guide on what gifts to give for that special someone in your life to help you along the way.

Flowers and Dessert 

As simple as this may seem, giving the woman you love flowers and dessert is such a large and special gesture. Bonus points for you if you know her favorite kinds. There is something about flowers that makes a woman feel so loved by you, and not to mention, they are sure to make the house smell fresh and beautiful.

Pairing the flowers with a dessert is a simple means to amp up the gift. If you know her favorite dessert or candy, be sure to grab it. If not, try giving her one of your favorites, showing her that you want to share things that you enjoy.

Want to take this to the next level? Create a memorable experience with a surprise trip to the flower store to create a bouquet together. This is surely something that will make her smile, all while allowing the two of you to create something beautiful together. After all, next time you’ll be sure to know which type of flowers are her favorite!


Date Night

Not all gifts need to be things that can be wrapped and given. A gift for that special someone could be as intimate as taking new adventures and gaining new experiences together. The great gift of memory making for the two of you to enjoy. A few places you can never go wrong with for a date are the movies, dinner, or ice cream. Taking your lady to a new restaurant or maybe one of her favorites is sure to dazzle her. If either of you has room afterward, go ahead and grab some ice cream to reminisce on the evening you’ve shared thus far.

If you’re looking for a bit more excitement and have a bit more room in the budget, create an evening full of fun at a concert! Check to see if her favorite performer is in town, or local show to try something new. 


Getting a woman a piece of jewelry is one of the grandest ways you can express your feelings for her. Tell me, what woman doesn’t love jewelry? While you might perceive getting jewelry for your woman as a large step, it doesn’t have to be. Jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and importantly, price points. To a woman, jewelry is a largely thoughtful gift. Some say that the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages. If you feel that buying her a piece of jewelry is a large step, or you might not know what to get her, you can’t go wrong with a piece that symbolizes her birthstone. This is an important detail to someone’s life and it will really speak volumes if the piece you gift her notes that.


Do you remember how your woman smelled the first time you met her? I’m sure each time you smell it, it brings you back to that very moment. Or, maybe you haven’t met your lovely lady yet, but I’m sure you could imagine her scent. Giving perfume as a gift is the safest route. No matter how many perfumes a woman has, she will always be happy to have more.

There is something about gifting a bottle of perfume that is so special. It makes a woman feel so remarkable that you’ve hand-picked the scent you’d enjoy her wearing. Each time she sprays a spritz to her wrist and neck, she will think of you. Perfume is a great gift for that special someone and serves as a constant reminder of you.


If there is one thing women love, it’s clothes. Even if they don’t enjoy going shopping, they love the result. Buying your woman new clothes, whether it be a special piece for that date night you’ve been planning or a variety of her favorite t-shirts that she loves to lounge in, you can’t go wrong.


If you are well into your relationship, there’s almost a 100% chance she’s mentioned a handbag that she’s been wanting. If you feel you are in a great place together, this may be the perfect gift to give. Not only because she’s mentioned it and you KNOW that she will love it, but also because handbags are timeless and will last for many years to come. Each time she wears it, she will think of the way you so carefully listened to the things she’s mentioned.



Gift Basket

This is such a special and thoughtful gift for your special someone. Sometimes, when you’re not sure of what to get for the woman you love, it’s best to get her everything. What I mean by this is to make a basket that has a little bit of everything! If you know she loves to pamper herself, create her a small at-home spa experience.

If you’ve noticed or that she’s mentioned that she has run out of one her of favorite hair products, this is a great time to refill it. A gift basket shows a ton of thought and is extremely fun because she has many new things to enjoy and try.



If there is something that your significant other enjoys doing with their time, this is the best way to brainstorm gift ideas. Find something that will enhance this hobby or enjoyment for her, whether it be a new kitchen appliance because she loves to bake so much (great PLUS for you!), a new coffee maker if she is a cappuccino enthusiast, or new biking gear because she loves a ride through nature!

Getting her a gift that will potentially aid or positively impact the things she enjoys doing the most will make her appreciate how much you pay attention to what makes her happy.


You can’t go wrong with giving any of these gifts for that special someone in your life. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try for yourself. Watch for her reaction when she opens her gift, and you can thank me at another time.

The biggest tip in buying her something in the future is to make sure you are paying special attention to the small, maybe big, things she might mention in passing that she wants or needs. Keeping a mental note will help you when the time comes. Those always make for great gifts and especially show her that you are a great listener and making her happy is what makes you happy.

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Happy Shopping!

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