Summers in Russia


Summertime: The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the flowers are vibrant! It is no argument that summertime brings about so much happiness and is the time for good food and making lifelong memories! Have you ever stopped to wonder what summer is like in other countries? Sure, summer is the time for traveling to new places, but there are so many places and such little time. So let’s highlight summers in Russia!


As Russia has the stereotype of always being cold, that couldn’t be more false in the summer! The average temperature in summer is around 25-27 degrees Celsius (77-90 F) and at times reaches 37 degrees.

Russian summers are hot, dry and sweaty. Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated! Throughout the summer there will be spurts of rain and lower temperatures but on average the Russian summer is very warm.


Things To Do


Berry picking

What better time to eat fruit than in the summer? The summer means strawberries, raspberries, and blackcurrant for Russians. The people of Russia grow fruits and vegetables in their gardens, and enjoy them as a refreshing snack.


Dacha is the Russian equivalent of a summer house or second home. Russian people spend all summer at their dachas where they garden, make shashlik (barbecue) and sunbathe. The look of an average dacha varies from a big house with a lawn and lots of flowers to a very small house with a potato field and a few patches of ground vegetables and herbs.

Summer Foods

In addition to the traditional dishes of Russia, summer brings a new palette. Of course the vegetables and fruits from the gardens are a part of the cuisine, but let’s not forget the meats! Known in Russia as shashlik, barbecue by the Dacha’s is a summer delicacy. Shashlik is what we call in the US, kabobs! Imagining shashlik while by the lake-house followed by a dessert of fresh berries! What could be better?



Summers in Russia

Summers in Russia surely seem like a beautiful place to be. Though traveling across the world can be hard, it’s worth noting Russia as a possible place to visit! In the meantime, you can chat with the women on Dream Singles to understand more about their summer adventures and discuss yours!

Written by Victoria