Should I Let Her Meet My Dog?

Ah. It’s been sometime now that you’ve been dating who you think is the one. I mean, your humor is well understood, the conversation is effortless, and they don’t even mind the occasional snort laugh. But, are they really the one to bring home… to your dog?

I mean, don’t get me wrong. They can meet your parents. Parents are easy. The conversation is sparked, drinks are poured. It’s always a recipe for a successful evening. A kiss on the cheek goodbye and now your mom is nonstop calling you asking when you’ll be bringing them around again.

But your dog?

I mean… Really?

THE one? You’re sure this is THE one? Because there’s no turning back.


Your dog is *the one* who’s there for you each and every night. Are they going to be comfortable having to share you in their own home? We all know dogs are, well… let’s say… jealous! For nicer terms! And let’s not forget dogs have the best sense of character! If your dog doesn’t approve, “the one” has GOT to go.


But if you really think they’re going to hit it off, heck, why not?!


Sit the little buddy down, and let them know, “hey, you’re going to be meeting someone new today. Remember, they mean a lot to me and I’d really appreciate it if you’d play nice. My dog is my world.” Nothing wrong with that, yeah?


Written by Dream Singles