International Women’s Day 2021: How To Celebrate

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world annually on March 8th  to highlight the women of the world. As this day may have different meanings in different parts of the world, in the USSR, it is celebrated as a day to allow women to be appreciated for their day to day work. This special day invites all women to take a day off from their work at home. In Russia and Ukraine, March 8th is a bigger holiday than both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Women’s Day is the combined holiday to make the special ladies in your life feel loved and appreciated. This extends to all women, including wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters!

While female independence is widely celebrated around the world, the women of the USSR carry more traditional values. The women of Russia and Ukraine take pride in their responsibility for maintaining the household. Each day, the women make sure that their husbands and children are well taken care of, including laundry, cooking, and maintenance of the home.

Though they carry traditional values that some may pin as outdated, these women love their role in taking care of those around them while the man maintains the tradition of providing for the family through outside work. Though women of the USSR do not celebrate modern-day feminism, they still expect to be treated with value and respect for their important role in everyone’s lives!


Acts of Love

There is no better way to show the women in your life just how much they mean to you than through their love language! Understanding how the special ladies in your life receive love is important. Highlight these acts of love, take a moment to understand what makes them happy, and spend the day doing going the extra mile!


Meaningful Gifts

As with many holidays of celebration, gift-giving plays a role.  This is a day to celebrate women and their hard work throughout the year. The expense of the gift isn’t what is important. The thought and meaning put into going the extra mile is what women love. As the 8th of March serves as a day of intimacy, family, and appreciation, among the most popular gifts to give are flowers, chocolates, candy, and cards or poems.

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A Day of Relaxation

The women in our lives play a vital role. They might make it look easy- but it’s a lot of work! Allow March 8th to be the day where the ladies have a chance to take a break! This is the perfect opportunity to take responsibility for the day. Allow all women to embrace her surroundings- indulging in what a beautiful life she has!


There are many ways to celebrate this day in honor of the important women in your life. March 8th is a special day to show the lovely ladies in your life just how much they mean to you!


Written by Dream Singles