Five Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Russian Women

Russian tradition is different from Western culture. Whether you’re dating a Russian woman online or in person, you will be set to different standards. Due to the different customs, it is critical to know what traditions to abide by whenever you are looking for a relationship with a Russian woman.


1.  Not showing attention

Russian women are generally very feminine and take pride in their appearance. They will have their hair and makeup done almost every time they go out even though they are a natural beauty. According to Pew Research, Russia has low men to women ratio and there are 86.8 men for every 100 women. Women are looking to get married from the age of 18 into their early 20s and with this ratio, they often have to compete for men.

One of the worst things you can do is not show your Russian Woman attention. She spent time getting ready and she wants you to notice her. Compliment her and let her know that you appreciate that she took the time to look good for you.

2.  Dressing Down

Because Russian women tend to care about their appearance, they want you to look good too!  While this is expected in Western society, it’s custom to dress above the standard, even on a casual date. Make sure that you are looking good and that your hygiene is at its highest level as well. Make sure that you smell good and look even better.

3.  Being too passive

Don’t be forceful, but be the man in the relationship and take the reigns. Russian women want a traditional relationship, meaning they want you to take charge. When you go on a date, plan it out and don’t leave the woman to be in charge of the interaction. On that note, also lead the conversation. You should be using the 80%-20% rule; you do 80% of the asking questions and 20% of the talking. Make her feel like a lady and show her that you command attention. They will be looking to see if you have the potential to be the man of the household which is the traditional custom in Russian culture.  

4.  Disrespecting family

In the west, you are more independent from your family. You might say something negative and brush it off as no big deal. To Russian women, family is a very important element of life. The immediate family is extended to grandparents and maybe even aunts and uncles. The family unit in Russia is generally very protective and will go through lengths to preserve the family unit. Often, Russian women hold a very close relationship to her mom. If and when you get the chance to meet her mother, make sure to take flowers or another small gift.

5.  Not Being Chivalrous

Women in the west are more likely to have a feminist point of view that they can do things without a man. While Russian women are among the most educated, they don’t mind a man doing things for them. Make sure to open the door for her, carry the heavy items, and simply go out of your way to do the little things that aren’t necessary, but kind. 

These 5 mistakes to avoid when dating Russian women noted above are sure to help you have the best interactions possible. Using these tips will easily wow her and make her impressed with you!

Written by Dream Singles