How Do I Know She’s The One?

Falling in love is an exciting new time in one’s life. Falling in love means a new person to share memories with, finding new hobbies, meeting new families, and becoming vulnerable to open yourself up. With change comes fear and this is normal. You may breathe now. I know this is where things get scary, but where there is discomfort, there is growth. The beauty in falling in love with someone is that it’s someone to share this growth with.

As you begin to imitate their little habits, and they yours, things will begin to feel real. This is the person you really spend so much time with and love every single about them. Enjoying each day as it comes, it’s normal to think into the future. Are you wondering if she’s the one? Should you be investing all of your time and energy into this person?


You Don’t Get Tired Of Her

Well, this is a bit dramatic. IT IS OKAY TO NEED YOUR ALONE SPACE! If you’re finding you need a minute to yourself, this doesn’t change how you feel about her! Actually, this shows you have healthy boundaries in your relationship. While you are spending time with each other if at that moment you forget every worry you have and are simply living in the present, embrace this.

She Makes It Feel Easy

Effortless love- how beautiful is this? When loving her comes easy, then let it. There aren’t nit-picky arguments leading nowhere, the communication is clear and each day with her is a breath of fresh air. Relationships aren’t easy but loving someone is (or should be.)

She Makes You Feel Great

Surrounding yourself with those who make you feel that you’re good enough as you are, and look forward to the growth you will have, are the types of people you want to surround yourself with. No competition, no jealousy, and no issues. If she makes you feel as though everything you do is not only great but ENOUGH and wonderfully appreciated, she’s in love with you. She loves you for who you are and what you will be. In this relationship, there is no room for the negative downplayed opinions, just the confidence in who you are and all that you hold.

She’s All You Can Talk About

As corny as this may sound, if she comes up in every conversation you hold, she’s probably the one. In a healthy way, you can’t get her off your mind! She’s relevant to all topics and situations and you can’t help but imagine every scenario that comes your way other than sharing it with her.


If while you’re reading this, that one specific woman comes to mind and checks off each box, you are in love! If it feels right, let it feel right. Let yourself be embraced in this journey and feel warmth, fulfillment, and love.

Now, importantly… should she meet your dog?

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Written by Dream Singles