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Dream Singles Tour 2018

This May, Dream Singles held its fifth annual Dream Singles Tour in Kiev, Ukraine. Men from all over the world came to take part in our elite matchmaking events for a chance to make  connections with the beautiful eastern European women who were looking forward to getting to know the men.

Tour Recap Video

Why Kiev?

With an average weather of 68 degrees during the month of May, Kiev is a great place to fall in love. The blue skies yelled out spring fever to all of the attendees. Though Ukraine has had some turbulent years in its past, Kiev is now a very safe place to visit especially for those travelling by themselves. Old town Kiev is a sight to see, with it’s beautiful architecture and historical landmarks it’s a great place to explore.

With all that said, Kiev is a great place to make a connection with the woman of your dreams.

Matchmaking Events

The Dream Singles Tour is made for people who love traveling and are looking for some romance. This tour included a luxuruous hotel stay with plenty of time to meet the amazing women. Each day packed more activities where you were able to make a deeper connection with the ladies of your choice.

The first activity was singles night, where the attendees were able to make their first impressions on each other. This time to get to know one another, was used to get an indication of chemistry and sparks as they would continue to build these connections throughout the tour. After getting to know one another, the DJ played some great music that inspired everyone to  dance the night away and get close to the ones they were interested in. The next afternoon started with a romantic picnic where they were able to play fun games and win prizes side by side with the ladies. The Dream Singles tour also includes activities around the city giving the men time to really know the women who accompanied them.

Package Activities

Packages are offered to Dream Singles Tour attendees for those who wish to receive extra time with the ladies.

Basic Package

Speed dating is an event for the basic and premium package members only. During this event the men and women were able to meet each other for short segments of time and get to know one another. The ambiance was set with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and romantic music.

Premium Package

With the premium package, you get three, one-on-one dates with the woman who’ve you developed the deepest connection with. Dream Singles will make all of the arrangements, you just show up and have a good time (translators will be present if necessary).

For More Information on Dream Singles Tours 

This year’s Dream Singles Tour was a great time for both the men and the women. Connections were made and love was found. To learn more about this years tour, or to learn about next year’s tour you can find the information here.


“I look forwards to the next one. . .

I had a lovely time in Odessa. The hotel, staff and service were all first class. The events were smoothly run with professionalism and more than enough food and drink  for everyone. The whole trip had a relaxed feel to it and you never felt as if you were being rushed around. The translators and coordinators were very friendly and supportive during the whole time. I would recommend this trip to anybody and I look forwards to the next one.”

-Patrick, United Kingdom

“I think I may have found my Love. . .  I thought the tour staff did an outstanding job setting up the events & assisting the guests.  I wasn’t sure what to expect coming on the tour but I had a good time & I got to meet who I really wanted to meet so in that respect yes I guess you could say my expectations were met. I think the most memorable events on the tour were the picnic & the tour of the city which I enjoyed very much. Yes I would recommend Dream tours to other single guys.  I think I may have found my Love on this tour & its something I will never forget. Thanks for everything.”

-Derek, United States

The Dream Singles Tour 2018 was a joyous occasion and we were so happy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces throughout the entire time. Watch the recap of the Dream Singles Tour 2018!

If you love to travel and meeting gorgeous women, the Dream Singles Tour is for you. The Dream Singles Tour is a fun adventure that can end in love so why not take that opportunity of a lifetime to travel and meet someone great.

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