Five Reasons to Marry a Russian Girl

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Five Reasons to Marry a Russian Girl

Have you been married and disappointed in the way the marriage turned out?  Have you had relationships but have never found a woman you wanted to marry?  If so, you might want to consider finding a Russian girl to marry. In the last few years, many American men and men from other countries have turned to Russian girls in order to find the one they want to settle down with.  This article discusses why that is – as well as giving you five good reasons to marry a Russian girl!


  1. Femininity

While many American women and women from other countries do not want to be thought of as feminine, Russian women are proud of it!  They believe that women are supposed to be softer, sweeter, quieter and obviously more womanly than men. They want to feel like women when they are with a man and admit it guys – you want your women to be feminine!  

  1. Respect

In the same way that Russian women expect to be cherished and protected, they feel as if a man should be respected and looked to for major decisions and choices.  Russian women want their men to be the head of the household, protecting, providing and being…well, a man. They are very respectful of their men and are proud of it!

  1. Appearance

There are women from every country in the world that are completely gorgeous, but Russian women are different from the women you’re probably used to.  Even if a Russian girl doesn’t have a lot of money to purchase clothing or jewelry, you will always see her looking her best. Russian women dress very womanly – with feminine clothing, high-heel shoes and they usually look very styled and polished.  You will probably not see your Russian woman wearing a pair of sweat pants, a baggy shirt and a sloppy pony-tail!

  1. Devotion

If you’re looking for a woman that will be devoted to you, it’s a Russian woman.  They are very devoted and once they have found the man they want to be with – they are very loyal.  If you don’t’ want to worry about what she’s doing when you’re not there, consider marrying a Russian girl.  

  1. Family

If you want to have a family in the future and want to know that the woman you marry will be a good mother and wife – look no further.  Russian women are fiercely devoted to their families and will do everything they can to ensure that they are nurturing and taking care of the family.  You cannot ask for a more devoted and loyal mother and wife than a Russian woman!

If you need to know why you should marry a Russian girl, the five reasons above will give you a little bit of insight as to why many men have already found a Russian woman to settle down with!  Use the information above to determine whether a Russian woman is the right move for you to make or not!

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