This Is Why You Should Call In Sick On March 8th

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This Is Why You Should Call In Sick On March 8th

Dm Singles TourStop me if you heard this one before but March 8th is International Women’s Day. If that line sounds at all familiar it’s probably because we have covered the importance of Women’s Day in Russia and Ukraine (and your responsibilities as a man) year after year.  However if you are new to this blog and/or would appreciate a refresher please see this AMAZING article (written by me of course) from 2015. Now for the rest of you if it’s March 2nd and you forgot that you had 1 week until Women’s Day then you could find yourself  in a bit of trouble.  If this describes you then by all means click HERE and order your beauty a gift before you learn the Russian translation for “cold shoulder”. I’m not saying she won’t be upset if you forgot but unless you can compose a song, write poetry on know a local skywriter willing to spread your message of love across the skies of Kiev all within the next few days then you may just find yourself in the doghouse.

I mean seriously … what can I write about International Women’s Day that hasn’t been stated and restated 1000 times? Is it a celebration of all women? Yes! Is it like Mothers Day + Valentine’s Day + Sweetest Day (you would get this if you were from the Midwest) all rolled into one? Yes BUT you already know all of that.  I know that because you are reading this blog which only proves how intelligent you are and how much you enjoy thought provoking topics covered in a semi comical fashion. See this blog isn’t so much for you guys who have already found your significant others and are right now floating down a sea of relationship tranquility … this blog is for the other guys. The ones who may have gotten some nibbles here and there but have yet to find the lady they are truly “gaga” for.

So here is the deal guys. If you haven’t found that girl that takes your breath away I highly suggest you login to Dream-Marriage on March 8th. “But why?” You ask suspiciously as if I had something up my sleeve. Well let’s just say I managed to sneak a peek at the last decade of web stats and each year there is a surge in female traffic and signups on International Women’s Day. Why is that? Well I guess after a full day of seeing their family, coworkers and even strangers get doted on and spoiled by the men in their lives these single gorgeous Russian ladies turn to DreamMarriage looking for their prince charming. So that’s where you come in ready to sweep them off their feet and make them forget all about the disappointment of a missed Women’s Day and optimistic about things to come. Am I advocating playing on the emotions of lonely single women who may be feeling a tad vulnerable on one of our biggest days of the year? Absolutely not … but it cost me 2 boxes of expensive, trendy doughnuts to get this statistical information for you so the least you could do is check it out.


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