We Found a Few Gifts For You Behind the Tree!

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We Found a Few Gifts For You Behind the Tree!

DM Beauties CalendarDM Beauties Calendar

The holiday hangover struggle is very real in my house. After researching for hours, spending money on gifts, wrapping said gifts and then driving from one place to another to try and fit in as many people as possible to celebrate by the end of December I have had it. You know who isn’t tired of the Holidays? Kids…. kids are who this holiday season is all about, with their time off of school, getting spoiled with gifts and then just waiting for it to magically happen again next year all while giving credit to a fictional dude who supposedly delivers toys made at the north pole but that CLEARLY say “made in China”. The worst part of the holidays however (in my opinion) is the lack of quality gifting as an adult. Sure I can buy myself things and do throughout the year but it would be nice if someone put just a little thought into what I wanted for Christmas and then delivered it up to me (see where I am going with this?)

Dream Marriage once again has your back and is delivering a little late Christmas cheer for everyone who didn’t get just what they wanted in their stocking this year. After the record shattering success of our 2016 DM beauties wall calendar we have released the calendar in digital form for our members. Wake up with the beautiful women of DreamMarriage each and every day of the year and give yourself a gift that keeps on giving for once! Haven’t claimed your calendar yet? Click HERE to download now!

Snow Beauties Contest

The snow beauties competition was furious this year with more gorgeous contestants than ever before. While voting officially ended on the 25th there is still plenty of time to view the contestants, pick who your favorite AND send her a message to let her know just how hot you think she is! Ever imagine dating your very own beauty queen? Thanks to DreamMarriage not only is it possible with a little work on your end it is actually probable. Be honest with yourself … after spending the last month or so putting thought into everyone else don’t you deserve a little rest and relaxation? Click HERE to view the Snow Beauties contest and try not to drool all over your keyboard!


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